What Liquor Gets You Drunk the Fastest? (Top 10 Options)

What Liquor Gets You Drunk Fastest?

You’re planning a drunk night out with your friends and looking for the liquor that can get you drunk the fastest. Unfortunately, the top liquors on the list are illegal in most places. However, there are still a lot of options that can get you wasted fast.

So, what liquor gets you drunk the fastest?

The liquor with the most alcohol is Everclear, a brand of neutral grain spirit with 190 proof or 95% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Let’s explore the liquors with the most alcohol in descending order and look out for some factors that affect how fast you get drunk at the end of this article.

Liquors That Get You Drunk Fastest

From the commonly known liquors to those that are lesser known, this guide will help you make an informed decision on which type of liquor might be best for your next drinking session.

So if you’re looking for a fast and effective way to get yourself inebriated, read on to find out more about the different liquors and their potential for intoxication.

1. Everclear


Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol produced by Luxco that is 190 proof, or 95% alcohol by volume, making it the strongest alcohol available without a permit. It is colorless, odorless, and has a neutral taste.

It is made from corn or grain and is a type of neutral grain spirit. Everclear is commonly used in cocktails or mixed drinks because of its high alcohol content. It can also be used for making homemade liqueurs and cordials, as well as for cleaning and sanitizing.

It is important to note that Everclear is a form of concentrated alcohol and, as such, can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities. It should always be used with caution.

2. Moonshine

Important Note

We do not recommend the consumption of moonshine due to its unregulated and potentially dangerous nature. Please consume responsibly and with caution.

Moonshine is an illegal, unaged type of liquor made by distilling corn mash or other grains. It is often referred to as “white lightning” or “white whiskey” and has a high alcohol content (up to 95 percent).

It is usually sold in clear glass jars or jugs. The production of moonshine involves a process of distillation, with an early stage of fermentation. The mash is heated in a still, and the resulting liquid is collected and then redistilled to produce a higher-proof liquor.

Moonshine is illegal because it is not taxed or regulated by the government. It is also considered dangerous because of its high alcohol content, which can cause serious health problems if consumed in large quantities. 

It is still produced in some rural areas in the US and other countries, and it is sometimes used as an ingredient in traditional cocktails.

3. Absinthe


Absinthe is a distilled, highly alcoholic (45-74% ABV) spirit derived from herbs such as grand wormwood, green anise, sweet fennel, and other medicinal and culinary herbs. It is also known as “the green fairy” and “the green devil.”

Absinthe is traditionally prepared by mixing it with cold water and then sweetening it with sugar or other sweeteners. The resulting drink is cloudy due to the presence of suspended plant compounds.

This liquor has a long and complicated history, with its origins dating back to the late 18th century. It was popular among writers and artists in the 19th century and was banned in many countries due to its potential to cause hallucinations and other psychological effects.

Today, absinthe is legal in most countries, although it is still regulated in many of them. Its effects on the body and mind are not fully understood, but it is believed to have some psychoactive properties.

Absinthe should be consumed in moderation, as it has a high alcohol content and can cause adverse reactions in some individuals.

4. Tequila


Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the fermented juice of the Blue Agave plant.

It typically has an alcohol content of 40%-60%, making it one of the strongest alcoholic beverages available. Because of its high alcohol content, tequila can get you drunk relatively quickly.

5. Vodka


Vodka is an alcoholic beverage made from the distillation of fermented grains or potatoes. It is usually clear in color and has a slightly sharp flavor.

It typically has an alcohol content of 35-50% by volume (70-100 proof). It is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world and is often used to make cocktails and other mixed drinks.

After two shots, you’ll start to feel tipsy. And after your fourth shot, depending on your body, you’ll be fully inebriated.

There’s been a debate about which gets you drunk the fastest between tequila and vodka. The winner is tequila because it has higher alcohol content.

6. Rum


Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane byproducts such as molasses and sugarcane juice. It has a distinct flavor profile, ranging from light and sweet to dark and smoky.

The alcohol content of rum can vary widely, depending on the brand and type. Light rums typically range from 40-50 proof or 20-25% alcohol by volume (ABV). Dark rums are typically 80-100 proof or 40-50% ABV.

Spiced rums, which are often flavored with spices and other aromatics, can range from 70-90 proof or 35-45% ABV.

7. Whiskey


Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Depending on the type of whiskey, the alcohol content can range from 40-50% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Some of the most popular types of whiskey include Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, American whiskey, Canadian whisky, and Japanese whisky.

The flavor of whiskey is often described as sweet and smoky, with notes of oak, caramel, nuts, and spices.

8. Gin


Gin is a type of liquor that is usually made from grain and flavored with juniper berries. It is a spirit that typically has an alcohol content of around 37.5-40%.

It’s often mixed with soda, tonic, and other mixers. It can also be enjoyed on its own or used in a variety of cocktails.

9. Brandy


Brandy is an alcoholic spirit made from distilling wine. It typically has an alcohol content of 35-60% ABV (70-120 proof).

Brandy can be aged in oak barrels, giving it a smooth, rich flavor. It is often used in mixed drinks and as an after-dinner drink.

10. Beer


Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of cereal grains such as barley and wheat. It is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world.

Beer is usually between 4-6% alcohol by volume (ABV) but can range from 1-20% ABV. It is a popular beverage enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Because of its lower alcohol content, beer can get you drunk more slowly than other alcoholic beverages.

​​Factors That Affect How Quickly Alcohol Gets You Drunk

Factors That Affect How Quickly Alcohol Gets You Drunk

Here are some factors that influence how quickly you get drunk.

1. Alcohol Content

The alcohol content of the beverage you are drinking is one of the most important factors in determining how quickly it will get you drunk. Generally, the higher the alcohol content, the more quickly it will get you drunk.

2. Body Size

The smaller your body size, the more quickly you will become intoxicated. Smaller people are affected by alcohol more because they have less body mass, resulting in a higher concentration of alcohol in their blood.

3. Gender

Generally, women become intoxicated more quickly than men due to their smaller body size. But it must be noted that this isn’t always a hard rule.

4. Food

Eating a substantial meal can slow down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol, meaning it may take you longer to become intoxicated.

5. Tolerance

The more you drink, the higher your tolerance will become. It will take more alcohol to reach the same level of intoxication.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going for a night out with friends and plan to get drunk fast, then shots of tequila or vodka will do the trick. Due to their high alcohol volumes, they help you get drunk quickly without having to drink too much.