How Much Does Liquor Cost

How Much Does Liquor Cost

There are various kinds of liquor, and their price varies from region to region. But whether it be for an event/social gathering or if you are on a tight budget, you must know the cost of the liquor to make a proper judgment on what to go for based on your situation.

Alcoholic drink intake has been on the rise over the last few years, and its market is expected to grow in the years to come. So, how much does liquor cost?

The average cost for liquor ranges between $5 to $30 depending on the restaurant you visit, the region/state you are in, and the type of drink you order. That is not all; there is some expensive liquor with hefty price tags for gourmands to relish.

Here we will discuss various alcoholic drinks and their prices, so you can easily decide the kind of liquor you want to enjoy.


Beer 2

The most commonly drunk liquor is beer. It is also one of the oldest drinks. There are numerous subcategories of beer, but the main two types are Ale and Lager. This is the type of beer you see most commonly; for example, Budweiser and Corona are Lagers.

The average price of a Budweiser is $2 for a 25 oz. (750ml) can, but if you go for a pack of 20-30 cans of 12 oz. (360ml), it can cost you around $15-20, and a pack of 12 bottles can cost you $16 for the same size.

On the other hand, 12 cans of 12 oz. (360ml) Corona will probably cost you around $13-$15.

Check out the details on state-by-state pricing of a case of beer cans in the US here.



This spirit is not just a drink. Due to its higher alcohol content, it has various uses, such as a disinfectant, an aftershave, or a window cleaning agent.

Tracing its origin back to Eastern Europe and Russia, starch-containing grains or potatoes are the base material for its making.

The average price for a 25 oz. (750ml) bottle of Vodka can go between $8 to $30 depending on the type you opt for, with premium brands easily ranging over $30.

Check out the state-by-state pricing of Vodka in the US here.


Vodka is the alcoholic drink most commonly used as a base for several cocktails, e.g., Bloody Mary, Vodka Martini, The Moscow Mule, and Skinny Bitch.


Whiskey 1

Whiskey or Whisky is a drink made from fermenting grains, and the resulting product after distillation is aged in a barrel (mainly a wooden one). The aging process can take anywhere from two-twenty years.

Like Vodka, the price of a Whiskey varies greatly depending on the type of liquor (premium, standard, or affordable).

The best choice for a cheap whiskey is Black velvet, Jim Beam, and Fireball, with prices ranging between $10-$15 for 25 oz. (750ml) bottles. The standard and premium drinks can range from $20-$120.

Whiskey is further classified into three sub-branches based on the ingredients and aging time, including Rye (made from Rye), Bourbon (usually made from Corn), and Scotch (made from Barley).


Rum 2

Rum is made by fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice/molasses. Due to the ingredients involved in the making, it is cheap and is often considered a drink made just for drinking to get drunk and not for particularly enjoying it. Yes, that’s why rum is the drink most commonly associated with pirates.

Based on the region it was made, the average price of a bottle of rum can go as far as $80, but the average price in the US generally hovers between $10-$30. The aging process, ingredients, brand, and Angel’s share affect the price.

White rum and dark rum are the two main types of rum. Dark rum is usually drunk straight, while white rum is used in several cocktails. Pina Colada and Mojito are the most common white rum cocktails.



Made from juniper berries, gin first saw the light as a medicinal drink.

It is made using a regular alcohol base and fermented using juniper berries with other plant-based ingredients. There are various styles of gin, e.g., Old Tom, Plymouth, London Dry, and New Western.

The price for a 750ml bottle of a Seagram (most popular in the US) is $10-$13, and New Amsterdam Gin is $10-$15, with expensive drinks going as far as $110. But the average price range stays between $15-$35 per 25 oz. (750ml) bottle.

The price range usually depends on the plant-based ingredients and craft style.

Gin is classified based on the distillation process of the base ingredients.

  • Distilled Gin: It is made by preparing a regular alcoholic base using grains with the rest of the ingredients and carrying out the distillation.
  • Redistilled Gin: Neutral alcohol is redistilled, as the name implies, with plant-based ingredients.
  • Compound Gin: This category is a homemade form of gin, using the old storage method and letting it ferment. Learn to make your own gin at home here.



Often known as a “party drink,” tequila is made from the bulb of the agave plant (similar looking as the aloe vera plant) and traces back its origin to Aztec civilization.

The most popular tequila brands are Don Julio and 1800. Don Julio is on the expensive side, 12 oz. (375ml) bottle costs around $25, and with the same price, you can get a 25 oz. bottle of 1800 Silver tequila.

The average cost of tequila is higher than other liquors, which is $20-$45, with premium drinks reaching as far as $500.

Tequila is subdivided based on the aging process:

  1. Silver/Blanco (unaged)
  2. Reposado (aged between two-twelve months)
  3. Anejo/Aged (aged for a year)
  4. Extra Aged (aged for three years)


Wine 1

Wine is a fruity alcoholic drink. Most commonly made using grapes, but other fruits can also be used for its making. Tracing its origin to Georgia, it was discovered by burying grape juice underground.

A decent bottle of red or white wine (most commonly drunk in the world) costs between $15-$25 on average, with expensive ones going as far as $2550. The taste of wine is subjective, and the higher the price, the better the flavor holds only for wine enthusiasts, according to a study.

There are five main types of wines:

  1. Red wine (made with red grapes with skin)
  2. White wine (made with skinless white grapes)
  3. Rose wine (made with red grapes, but with less fermentation time than red wine)
  4. Sparkling wine (involves a second fermentation step with CO2 added for sparkling taste)
  5. Fortified wine (made by adding distilled spirit to wine before/after fermentation)

Other Mentions


While above, we covered the most popular alcoholic beverages, here are the prices of other common liquors.

  • Brandy: The average price range of a 25 oz. (750ml) bottle ranges from $12-$60.
  • Vermouth: The average price range of Vermouth is $10-$35 per 12 oz.
  • Cognac: The average price of a 25 oz. (750ml) Cognac ranges from $20-$40.
  • Hard Kombucha: A 15 oz. (450ml) can of Hard Kombucha costs roughly $6.
  • Soju: The cost of a 25 oz. (750ml) bottle of soju is $10.


The average price of liquor stays between $5-$30 from the range of different alcohols. So, you can easily plan now what alcoholic beverage you should get to save your budget or go for a slightly expensive one if you have more to splurge on your party or event.