What Drinks To Order on the Casino Floor?

What Drinks To Order On The Casino Floor

There is always fun at the casino, whether you are winning or losing. But what makes casino even more fun is sipping on your favorite drink while enjoying the games.

For some, the drinks make the experience, while for others, it is all about the games. Still, no matter what you’re there for, you will probably get thirsty at some point.

And when you do, you need to know what are the best drinks to order on the casino floor.

Some classic options include two-ingredient drinks like gin and tonic or whiskey and soda, simple cocktails, champagne, or sparkling wine. Virgin cocktails are also a good choice if you need to drive or limit your alcohol consumption.

We’ll offer suggestions for the best drink options while you are on the casino floor. Some suggestions are more cautious than others, but there is something for everyone, we promise!

Best Drinks To Order on the Casino Floor

Our suggestions are simple yet classic options. You might be disappointed if you request something obscure or extravagant. Keep it uncomplicated and save yourself a glass of either something undrinkable or just pure disappointment.

Water or Soda

Water Or Soda

Water is your best friend, no matter what you are doing. While having a drink while gambling gets the gambling gears turning over double quick, too much alcohol will also make you forget how much you’re spending.

Water provides the best possible hydration as well. Remember to pace yourself and counter the alcohol’s dehydrating effects by having some water.

Soda is a good second but not a brilliant choice. It will keep you hydrated and your blood sugar levels up. It is wise to exercise caution with sodas because of the high sugar content.

Remember, what goes up must come down for your sugar levels. Try to limit your sugar intake as it will dehydrate you without noticing because they often contain caffeine, which is a natural diuretic.

Something on the Rocks

Something On The Rocks

Whiskey on the rocks is a typical drink in casinos. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they can also include it on the menu as one of the free drinks offered to patrons on the casino floor.

Experts argue ice will water your whiskey down, while others argue it makes the drink better. Whichever choice you believe, it comes down to personal taste and preference.

You might be too full after visiting the casino buffet but still crave a dessert when you step onto the floor. A “dessert drink” is the perfect answer to this slight dilemma.

Bailey’s Irish Cream on the rocks offers you the best of both—dessert sweetness without the heavy feeling of pie or cake. Whether you are playing tables or slots, it is a great creamy option.

Another not-too-sweet option is Amarula, hailing from South Africa and is a drink that is part-marula fruit and part-cream. Some consider it an alternative to Bailey’s; however, both are cream liqueurs with their own distinctive flavor profiles.

Sparkling Wine or Champagne

Sparkling Wine Or Champagne

Nothing says celebration better than a glass of bubbly. It is the most obvious choice when you win a large amount of money.

All champagne is sparkling wine, but the reverse is not true. It may only bear the name champagne when produced in France’s Champagne region.

Technicalities aside, bubbles combined with a night on the casino floor sure make for an unforgettable experience.

Two-Ingredient Alcoholic Drinks

Two-Ingredient Alcoholic Drinks

These are usually your safest bet on the casino floor, apart from water or a soda. Whiskey and soda water or a gin and tonic are great choices. Also, they are easy to mix, and the bartender will thank you for not trying to be fancy.

It also helps to be specific about your drink when the cocktail waiter takes your order down, for example, by stating which gin you’d like and what tonic they should go for.

Other options are rum and coke, tequila and sprite, or whiskey and ginger.

Simple and Classic Cocktails

Simple And Classic Cocktails

Martinis are a great option at the casino. Typically, it is made from gin and vermouth and garnished with an olive or lemon twist. Simple and quick to boost your mood.

A Sidecar is another excellent option that combines brandy and citrus tastes as Triple Sec and lemon juice.

The Old Fashioned is slightly more involved by combining bourbon, bitters, and simple syrup. It’s not hard for a bartender to mix things up.

The Daiquiri combines three simple ingredients: sugar, lime, and rum. Shaken together with ice in a mixer and poured into a coupe glass. Simple, yet elegant.

Virgin Cocktails

Virgin Cocktails

When you’re on a roll, and Lady Luck is smiling on you, you certainly do not want to imbibe too much or lose your winning touch. Virgin cocktails are an excellent option to keep you hydrated but still looking professional among the other players.

Also, driving home after an evening at the casino is the best practice. Virgin cocktails make perfect sense in these types of scenarios.

Most drink menus will feature non-alcoholic options. Try one and see how you like it—you might be pleasantly surprised!


It is an unwritten rule on the casino floor—the more you drink and enjoy yourself, the more time you will spend at the tables or slots. And you’ll be spending more money. That’s the whole idea behind offering drinks to gamblers on the casino floor.

Remember to tip your server—many of them work for a minimum or sometimes even less. It is also a surefire way to make sure they look after you and will appreciate the gesture.

Keep it simple, do not be fancy as it may lead to disappointment. If you find yourself in the more exclusive part of the casino with other high rollers, you should be lucky to order more complex cocktails and drinks. This part of the casino wants to keep you there for as long as possible and will do its utmost best to serve you whatever you like.

Above all, stay hydrated, drink responsibly, and enjoy your night out.