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What Did Pirates Drink Back in the Day?

What Did The Pirates Drink?

When most people think of pirates, they picture men with peg legs and eyepatches, drinking rum on a stormy night. You might be afraid to drink like a pirate, but they had some exciting drinks you might enjoy.

So, what did pirates drink?

Pirates are well known for their drinking habits. Most pirates drank Lime, Beer, Grog, Rum, Bumbo, Fog Cutter, Barbary Coast, and Ale. This was because these drinks were less likely to spoil during long voyages. Water was often too dirty to drink, so pirates would often drink these drinks.

Here are some of the most popular drinks that pirates drank and the purpose for drinking on ships. Let’s get started!

What Types of Drinks Did Pirates Drink?

What Types Of Drinks Did The Pirates Drink?

As any self-respecting pirate knows, there’s nothing quite like a nice cold drink after a hard day of pillaging and plundering. But what type of drinks did pirates actually drink?

Pirate ships were often stocked with barrels of rum, which were rationed out to the crew daily. But rum wasn’t the only drink that pirates enjoyed. Pirates would often mix rum with other ingredients to make a potent cocktail known as “grog.”

This drink was thought to prevent scurvy, a common ailment among sailors during the age of piracy. They also drank beer, wine, and hard cider.

Another popular choice was ale, which was usually smuggled on ships aboard since the British government taxed it. Pirates would also drink water, which was often contaminated and not very appetizing.

Pirates sometimes added citrus fruits or spices to make it more palatable. If you’re feeling parched next time, raise a glass to your favorite pirate and enjoy a refreshing beverage!

5 Drinks That Are Sure To Bring Out the Pirate in You

Have you ever wanted to drink like a pirate? Well, now you can with these five drinks to help you bring out the pirate in yourself.



As any pirate knows, rum is the drink of choice for those looking to get drunk quickly. This potent alcohol is made from sugarcane and is often mixed with other drinks to make a potent cocktail.

Whenever you are thinking about drinking like a pirate, make sure to have some rum on hand. It is sure to help you get into the spirit of things.



Grog is a famous pirate drink made by mixing rum with water, lemon juice, and sugar. This drink was thought to prevent scurvy and was often rationed out to pirates daily.

Make a schedule with your friends on a stormy night and break out the grog. It can help you get into the pirate spirit.



Like ale, beer was often smuggled on pirate ships aboard since the British government taxed it. This delicious beverage is perfect for those looking to drink like a pirate.

It’s cheap, it’s potent, and it doesn’t spoil quickly in the hot, humid conditions of the Caribbean.

When pirates needed to drink something other than rum, they often turned to beer. This refreshing beverage is perfect for those hot days at sea.

So next time you are at a party, make sure to bring enough beer for all of your friends.



Pirates modified grog, which they called bumbo, by mixing rum and water with nutmeg and sugar. Since pirates regularly pillaged nutmeg from the Dutch, they were able to make this delicious drink.

Bumbo was said to make pirates feel more bold and courageous.

When you feel like you need a bit of extra courage, make yourself a bumbo. This delicious drink is sure to give you the boost you need.

Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast

When pirates sailed the Barbary Coast, they would drink a mixture of wine, gin, and rum, known as Barbary Coast. This drink was thought to give pirates the ability to withstand the hot sun.

This potent concoction is sure to put hair on your chest – and likely give you a nasty hangover the next day. So raise a glass and drink up.

A pirate’s life is not easy, but it can be a lot of fun. These five drinks will help you feel like a pirate for a short time.

What Was the Purpose of Drinking on Their Ships?

What Was The Purpose Of Drinking On Their Ships?

While a pirate’s life may seem like one long party, there was actually a practical purpose for the pirates’ love of these drinks. Many experts believe that pirates drank alcohol for two main reasons: to stay hydrated and to ward off scurvy.

First, let’s discuss hydration. In hot weather, drinking lots of fluids is essential to avoid dehydration. Water is the best option, but it can quickly become stale and unappetizing in hot weather.

Alcohol, on the other hand, will not spoil as quickly in warm weather. Plus, alcoholic beverages often have a higher percentage of water than non-alcoholic drinks, making them good options for staying hydrated while at sea.

As for scurvy, this was a severe problem for pirates and sailors during the age of sail. A lack of vitamin C causes scurvy, and symptoms include fatigue, bleeding gums, and weakened bones. To prevent scurvy, sailors would often drink citrus juice or eat citrus fruits.

Also, pirates sailed for long periods without access to fresh fruits and vegetables, so they relied on these alcoholic beverages to help them stay healthy.

In other words, while pirates may have seemed like they were always drunk, they were just trying to stay alive.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have learned that pirates liked to drink rum, grog, beer, bumbo, and barbary coast. These drinks were often used to stay hydrated and to prevent scurvy.

These days, you can find pirate-themed bars all over the world. This was all about our article.

Now that you know what pirates drank, you can try these drinks yourself. Just remember to drink responsibly. As far as the pirates are concerned, moderation is the key.