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How To Hold a Martini Glass: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Hold A Martini Glass

Many people avoid ordering Martinis because they’re afraid of spilling the delicious drink.

We can understand their concern and fear, but we’ve got your back to help you hold a Martini glass perfectly without spilling a drop and avoiding delicious cocktails.

Martini glasses are designed to be held by the stem and never any other way — unless you want to look like a drunken chimpanzee. You hold a Martini glass by the stem because your drink doesn’t contain any ice to keep the drink cold, and your body heat will heat the drink.

We’ll take you through four steps to perfectly hold a Martini glass and offer some advice on how to hold a Martini glass perfectly. Lastly, we’ll look at some things to avoid when holding a Martini glass so that you don’t embarrass yourself in polite company or at the bar.

How To Hold a Martini Glass Perfectly

How To Hold A Martini Glass

Some people are too afraid to order a Martini because they are so scared of spilling their drink, or they identify themselves as ‘clumsy drinkers.’ When, in most cases, they are holding the glass incorrectly.

The large opening resembles an upside-down cone on top of a thin stem, which scares most drinkers away from drinking Martinis or Martini glasses.

The rationale for this design is that the cocktail often contains an aromatic component that will be under the drinker’s nose while sipping, producing the intended effect. The large opening also ensures this.

Let’s dive into the four steps to hold a Martini glass without spilling your precious drink.

1. Hold It by the Stem

The traditional and correct way of holding a Martini glass is by the stem with your dominant hand. You hold it by the stem for a few reasons, like keeping the drink as cold as possible without numbing your fingers by the drink’s coldness.

Avoid holding the glass by the base because it will be too shaky, and you’re guaranteed to spill your drink.

2. Use Your Other Hand’s Palm

Now that you have mastered holding the Martini glass by the stem use your non-dominant hand’s palm to support the base. Holding the bottom of the Martini glass with your palm will provide extra steadiness and boost your confidence.

In addition, your free hand will aid in strengthening the base from below. This is especially advisable when taking the initial sips to prevent spilling the drink over yourself.

3. Keep Your Fingers Close Together

When grasping the stem and base of the Martini glass, it is ideal for keeping your fingers together. Grip your glass’s stem between your thumb, index finger, and middle finger immediately beneath the forefinger.

The ring finger and little finger should be relaxing on the stem underneath the top two fingers. If you need to practice, think of holding a pen or pencil upright.

4. Aim for 45 Degrees

Angle your arm and hand at least 45 degrees away from your body. Don’t worry; it won’t spill; because you’re holding the glass firmly by the stem. Furthermore, if you are bumped into, it will not spill on your clothing.

Similarly, maintain a straight yet relaxed wrist when holding the Martini glass — you’re not gripping a baseball bat. Practice makes perfect; you will feel more at ease in no time, and your grip will improve.

  • Other drinks that are served in a Martini glass include Daiquiris, Manhattans, and Cosmopolitans.

How Not To Hold a Martini Glass

How Not To Hold A Martini Glass

Now, let’s dispel some of the wrong ways of holding a Martini glass. Unfortunately, the trend of holding cocktail glasses incorrectly has been around for a few years.

Forget about holding a cocktail glass by the bowl like James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan). It is just plain wrong, and you’ll look like a drunken chimpanzee.

Another big no-no when holding a Martini glass is to hold it like a brandy snifter — the snifter is specifically designed to rest in the palm of your hand to warm the contents and release the aromas.

Martini glasses are made to look classy, and holding them incorrectly shows everyone around you that you don’t know what you’re doing and cannot appreciate a classic drink.


Martini glasses are supposed to be held by the stem only — unless you want to seem like a drunken monkey. You hold a Martini glass by the stem since your drink lacks ice to keep it cool, and your body heat will heat it.

Remember our pointers, and you’ll look like a pro wherever you enjoy a Martini.