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How To Stop Drinking Energy Drinks (Once and for All)

How To Stop Drinking Energy Drinks

Energy drinks may seem harmless, but drinking them for prolonged periods can lead to many problems. It can cause dependence because of the substances present, e.g., caffeine and synthesized sweeteners.

To stop drinking energy drinks, you need to have a strong will and a desire to quit.

For many, energy drink addiction starts with seeing it as “interesting,” which gets out of hand later. It can result in many health risks, e.g., cardiac arrest (worst case), diabetes, weight gain, insomnia, and anxiety.

So, how can you stop yourself from constantly chugging down energy drinks?

There are two main ways to quit energy drinks. The first is to stay your hand straight away, which can cause severe to mild withdrawal symptoms. The second one is tinkering with the dosage and gradually refraining from it completely.

Here, we will discuss various tips and habits you have to adapt to stop drinking energy drinks. So, let’s dive right in.

How To Stop Drinking Energy Drinks

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy the occasional energy drink. But if you find yourself drinking them more often than you’d like, or if you’re starting to feel dependence on them, it might be time to cut back.

Here are a few tips on how to stop drinking energy drinks.

1. Acknowledging the Problem

Acknowledging The Problem

The hardest part is admitting that you have become reliant on energy drinks.

Most people don’t want to admit they have this issue, which worsens the problem. So, knowing and accepting that you are facing this problem is the start of quitting.

2. Don’t Quit Straight Away

Don’t Quit Straight Away

Quitting energy drinks right off the bat may do the trick for some, but for others, it can result in some nasty withdrawal symptoms or, worst case, jumping back with heightened addiction.

Here, you can check out the caffeine withdrawal symptoms to expect.

3. Changing Your Mindset

Changing Your Mindset

You can always try a change of pace whenever you feel a craving for energy drinks.

Try to shift your mind to something else, e.g., try playing a video game. Yes, playing games can help keep your mind off the urge to drink energy drinks.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is a great way to hold back the urge you get for an energy drink. You can add yoga to your routine to help deal with the stress-induced due to refraining from these drinks. If all these seem too hard, a simple walk outside for a change can help you avoid them.


A simple exercise routine can also help you control your energy drink intake. Exercise promotes health, provides better sleep quality, and enhances brain activity. It also alleviates your mood resulting in better control over your urges.

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Home workouts are a great way to start exercising. Start with simple skipping and if using rope is too hard, try simple jumping. It’ll help you lose weight and make you more active and less reliant on energy drinks.

4. Diluting the Drink With Water

Diluting The Drink With Water

Mixing your energy drink with water can help reduce your caffeine intake and stop your addiction over time.

Start with 1:9 (water:energy drink) and continue increasing the amount till you achieve 9:1.

5. Try Alternative Drinks

Try Alternative Drinks

Another way to control yourself is by shifting to alternative drinks. If it is the fizz you’re looking for, other sodas will suffice, and if it is the caffeine, coffee can help.

There are some drinks that can help you suppress the urge to reach for that energy drink.


Often undermined, water is the best energy drink for your body. By making sure your body stays hydrated, you can keep your body energized.

Check out this article to know the benefits of staying hydrated.


Another alternative to energy drinks is tea because of the natural caffeine, which is nearly harmless.

Besides, there are countless benefits of herbal teas. They can help deal with the withdrawal symptoms of anxiety and depression due to their calming effects.

Juices or Sparkling Water

Homemade fruit/vegetable juices are free of artificial additives and are rich in nutrients. So, they can be used as a stand-in for energy drinks. They contain many essential substances to help your body perform in the best condition.

Sparkling water is carbonated to add fizziness to your simple water. It can be an alternative to sodas and energy drinks and doesn’t pose as many risks.

You can check the pros and cons with nutritional facts of sparkling water here.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Another substitute can be decaffeinated coffee, which contains little to no caffeine and provides the same benefits as regular coffee.

Check out the details on decaf coffee here.

6. Ask For Some Moral Support

Ask For Some Moral Support

Unlike low expectations regarding moral support, leaning on people close to you for help can work.

Inform someone about your efforts to quit drinking energy drinks. They will help you in your struggles, and you will be mentally more aware of it and abstain from secretly drinking.

7. Keeping It Out of Reach

Keeping It Out Of Reach

Another way to avoid energy drinks is to stop buying them.

If you still happen to buy them out of habit, or you have stacked your fridge with them, pay heed that the already available ones are out of your reach or not easily accessible.

8. Highlighting Your Triggers

Highlighting Your Triggers

It may not seem much, but knowing what kind of situation causes you to drink more can help tackle the problem.

Jot down at what time of the day you get the urge to drink the most and in what situation, e.g., under stress, feeling uncomfortable, or simply a change of taste after dinner or lunch, etc.

After knowing about these, you can try to make better choices or use some alternate drinks to help you deal with them.

9. Seek Professional Help

Seek Professional Help

Lastly, seeking professional help. If these solutions do not work, keep in mind that a large population is facing this issue, and you are not alone.

Try seeking a psychotherapist to help you abstain from drinking energy drinks.


Remember, energy drinks may seem like a great way to keep yourself recharged throughout the day, but their health concerns far outweigh their benefits.

So, be mindful that everything takes time, effort, and motivation, so start by taking baby steps. If you have a strong will, you can stop drinking cold turkey, but if not, try to change your lifestyle and tamper with your drinking habits till you can completely stop energy drink intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can energy drinks make you fat?

Energy drinks are packed with sugars, and ingesting more sugar than recommended (200 calories/2000 calorie diet per day) can cause you to become obese. So yes, energy drinks can make you fat due to more sugar intake.

Are energy drinks bad for teeth?

Energy drinks can cause double the damage a regular soda can do to your teeth. Energy drinks damage the enamel tissue, which can’t regrow or regenerate, so it is advisable to cut down on energy drinks or sodas.