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How To Drink Coffee on Keto (7 Different Ways)

How To Drink Coffee On Keto

The Keto diet, or simply keto, is one of the most famed diets in recent years. It involves reducing carbs, sugars, and grains intake; while having a high-fat diet. It may sound simple; however, you should give up some of the most common foods, e.g., bread, potatoes, etc.

Similarly, coffee has become the most popular in the past few decades. That’s why; it won’t be wrong to call coffee the staple drink worldwide. Also, there are several coffee variants, with milk or sugary coffees still the most popular ones.

Milk and sugar are a big no in the case of a keto diet. So, if you are on such a diet, should you skip coffee, or can you still drink it?

There are numerous ways to drink coffee on a keto diet, but the easiest one is to drink black coffee. However, you can also make bulletproof/keto coffee and coffee with sugar-free and zero-carb sweeteners, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, heavy cream, and so on.

Here we will go into the details of what coffees you should or can drink on a keto drink and why drinking coffee on a keto diet may be beneficial, with some information on which coffees you should avoid.

Drinking Coffee on Keto Diet

Drinking Coffee On Keto Diet

The keto diet can help you manage your weight and help with weight loss while providing the side benefit of reducing the risk of several diseases.

Editor’s Note

However, keto diets are not for everybody, especially if you are susceptible to kidney stones. So, consulting your doctor for a long-term keto diet plan is the best bet you have.

On the other hand, caffeine enhances cognitive performance, so coffee and keto diets can go hand in hand, but not all coffees are meant for keto diets. However, there are several coffee choices you can choose from, even on a keto diet.

1. Black Coffee

The best option in your arsenal is to drink black coffee on a keto diet. Black coffee provides the necessary caffeine content to keep you going or kick-start you for the day. However, if you find the caffeine content too much, you can always opt for the decaf option.

Black coffee, no matter the brewing method used to prepare it, is okay to drink while on this diet, but if you try to add sugary additives or milk, you are setting off on the wrong foot.

2. Heavy Cream and Coffee

A pleasant news for cream lovers, you can add heavy cream to your coffee on a keto diet. This cream is high in fat content, so the carbs you will receive will pale in comparison to the amount of fat.

Conversely, if heavy cream and coffee seem like a bland combination, sugar-free sweeteners are your go-to option, i.e., if you crave more flavor.

3. Coffee and MCT Oil

This option may be a game-changer if you are in it for health benefits. This blend triples the benefits you get, i.e., health benefits from the keto diet, coffee, and MCT oil.

MCT oil, on its own, is odorless and flavorless. And yup, you guessed it right there, it won’t affect the flavor of your coffee. However, you have to ensure the amount you are using is not less, not more, but just right, i.e., if you want to lose weight; otherwise, it can reverse that.

4. Grass-Fed Butter and Coffee

While people confuse regular butter, ghee, and grass-fed butter, they are different. The best thing about grass-fed butter is you can add it to your coffee, especially as a breakfast coffee drink.

Grass-fed butter has several benefits, and a breakfast grass-fed butter coffee provides you with the maximum capability of availing these benefits. Also, you get an energy boost and an extra cognitive boost.

5. Sweeteners (No Carbs and Sugar)

Black coffee may not be the cup of tea for everyone, as the taste is too bitter for people, but with advancements in technology, you have more control over the taste of your coffee. Also, the best thing is you don’t have to compromise on the health benefits.

That’s where our sweeteners come in. There is a range of sweeteners that can be used for coffee, but in the case of the keto diet, it is best to keep them on the low-carb and no-sugar side. These sweeteners are therefore known as keto sweeteners.

6. Bulletproof Coffee or Keto Coffee (MCT Oil + Grass-Fed Butter)

While you have several different methods at your disposal, the most popular choice for keto diet lovers is Bulletproof or keto coffee. This coffee combines MCT oil with grass-fed butter to make a keto diet-specific coffee blend.


A total of four ingredients are involved in the making of keto coffee. These are:

  1. Black coffee (8 ounces)
  2. Grass-fed butter (1 teaspoon)
  3. MCT oil (1 teaspoon)
  4. Gelatin/Collagen (optional)


There are no complicated processes involved in the preparation of this coffee. Just pour all the ingredients into a blender, blend well, and enjoy. That’s all!

Why You Should Drink Coffee on a Keto Diet

Why You Should Drink Coffee On A Keto Diet

While there are numerous health benefits of coffee, the benefits of drinking coffee on a keto diet relate to how each side compliments the other on the benefits they share.

These properties can be broadly classified into two main parts, which are;

  1. Cognitive functions improvements
  2. Metabolic function improvements

The ability of coffee to aid in improving concentration and focus is the primary reason why people drink coffee. This effect is further enhanced while on a keto diet.

The keto diet affects the metabolism, which helps in burning fat, and coffee can heighten this effect as it provides a similar benefit. Also, you can lower the risk of type-II diabetes by drinking it.

Which Coffees Are Off-Limits on a Keto Diet?

Which Coffees Are Off-Limits On A Keto Diet?

Any coffee with high carb content and sugar is off-limits on a keto diet. These coffees include lattes and coffees with whole milk. Though this milk has a higher concentration of fat, the carb content makes it unsuitable for our keto diet.

The most popular options of coffees, e.g., latte, caramel macchiato, mocha, etc., are to name a few of the coffees that are off-limits. Contrarily, espresso and americano are okay to drink even on a keto diet.


Lastly, there are several options to choose from in the case of coffee, even when you are on a keto diet, and it all boils down to the individual’s taste preference.

However, some of the most popular choices are keto coffee, black coffee, coffees with sweeteners (zero carbs and sugar), MCT oil, heavy cream, and grass-fed butter.