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How To Drink Noni Juice: Benefits, Recipes & Side Effects

How To Drink Noni Juice

The noni fruit, also known as morinda, cheese fruit, beach mulberry, and so on, comes packed with numerous health benefits. While the name and juice may not be known to many, this fruit has been used since ancient times to treat ailments.

Also, while we are on the subject of it not being widely known, noni juice has very little scientific evidence behind its effects. So, it may or may not work for you, but the problem of working or not is loosely dependent on the dose of the juice.

That’s why; it brings us to the question, i.e., how to drink noni juice.

The universal way of drinking noni juice is mixing it with water and ingesting it on an empty stomach or half an hour before a meal. As a rule of thumb, use 2 ounces of noni juice and 6 ounces of water for a cup. Also, try not to exceed the daily limit of not more than 25 ounces per day.

The article will discuss various ways to drink this juice, which people should avoid drinking noni juice and even skip stuff with the noni fruit. So, let’s dive in without further ado.

Different Ways To Drink Noni Juice

Different Ways To Drink Noni Juice

There are several ways you can drink noni juice, and let us break down each one of the methods one by one as follows:

Drink It Raw

Arguably the most opted-for method and is also used in making homemade noni juice and later mixed with water. There are not many steps involved in this process.


  • Noni fruit
  • Water


Start by chopping the noni fruit into smaller pieces and transfer them to a blender. Add some water (usually a few tbsp for the thick paste to 4-6 ounces for the thin one) to facilitate the blending operation.

Strain the mixture, and you are done. Enjoy!

Drink It by Mixing It With Water

This step is the continuation of the previous one. Also, it is recommended to mix it with water to get the full benefits out of noni juice and prevent any adverse health effects. For the pairing, always ensure you use two-three times the amount of water to noni juice.

For example, for an ounce of noni juice, use three ounces of water, and so on.

Drink It by Mixing It With Fruit and Veggie Juices

Noni fruit, on its own, isn’t pleasant to taste and is otherwise called vomit fruit.

That’s why; you can always add fruits and vegetables to mask the pungent odor and flavor and make it more palatable. Similarly, a large serving of noni fruit yields a relatively small amount of juice.

So, adding fruits and veggies can help you fill up the serving without diluting it with water.

Based on Your Doctor’s Instruction

Noni juice falls on the gray list when considering its health benefits.

The health benefits and side effects differ from person to person, so it is best to get in touch with your doctor to check if it is okay for you to drink it or not and drink it based on your doctor’s instructions.

Based on Age and Time

This category is an interlink between two subcategories and helps gauge the effect of noni juice by hit and trial, i.e., if you don’t want to visit your doctor.

This part has three phases. The first phase involves introducing the taste to your tongue, i.e., a tbsp of noni juice per day (morning and evening) for a week.

The second phase involves increasing the dosage to one ounce (morning and evening each) for a month. The third and final phase is decreasing the serving to half (for morning and evening each).

The above statements hold for adults (above 18 years of age). For children and people below 18 years, reduce the servings to half in each phase.

Editor’s Note

Noni juice has a proven effect in tackling hair loss and promoting hair growth. It is due to the improved circulation of blood and a healthy immune system.

Who Shouldn’t Drink Noni Juice

Who Shouldn’t Drink Noni Juice

Anyone who suffers from the mentioned conditions below should avoid noni juice. These are as follows:

1. If You Have a History of or Disease Related to Kidney or Liver

While there is not much concrete evidence on the adverse effect of noni juice on the kidney and liver, some scientific findings suggest consumption of smaller quantities doesn’t pose any threat.

However, the case is different if you suffer from any of the mentioned ailments. Noni juice can exacerbate the problem if you drink it under such a condition.

2. If You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is another point of consideration. According to some studies, there is no direct link between the risk of abortion and drinking noni juice. But if you are new to this juice, hold your horses until after childbirth.

3. If You Have Potassium Level Abnormalities

Before going into the topic, read about the nutritional facts of noni fruit. From this, you can see the high potassium content in the noni fruit. That is why; if you don’t control your juice intake, it can lead to high potassium levels in the body.

4. If You Have Skin Issues or Sensitive Skin

Another factor to be considered is the effect it will have on your skin. While there are countless benefits of using noni elixir for your skin and drinking noni juice, there is no concrete evidence that it won’t trigger an allergic reaction.

So, ask your doctor before trying to be adventurous.


Lastly, there are various methods you can use to drink noni juice. You can drink it by mixing it with water, fruits, or veggies, drinking based on your age or doctor’s prescription, making an iced smoothie, and so on. Also, you have the option of drinking it plain without any additions.

However, if you suffer from kidney, liver, or skin issues, it is best to steer clear from noni juice, and the same holds if you are pregnant.

Overall, drinking noni juice in moderation is the best way to go, so enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the shelf-life of noni juice?

The shelf-life of a closed bottle of noni juice can stay okay for six months to a year. However, if you ferment and age the noni juice, you can store it for as long as you want and at room temperature.

Is raw noni juice okay to drink?

While it is pretty rare to find raw noni juice, it is better to drink pasteurized noni juice instead of an unpasteurized version. Also, you have the plus point of increasing its shelf-life and relishing it for longer.

Can noni juice cure insomnia?

The origin of noni juice can be traced back to herbal medicine, which has shown a positive effect in improving the sleep quality of the person who drinks it regularly. Also, even in the old days, it was prescribed to people with insomnia.