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What Is Ramune Soda? Japan’s Most Beloved Soft Drink

What Is Ramune Drink?

When you hear of sodas, the first few names that pop up in your mind are probably Coke Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, etc.

But if you live in Japan, the most common drink isn’t any of these run-off-the-mill brands, but Ramune. And it has been a very famous soda since the late 19th century.

Ramune drink was first introduced as a type of medicine to treat cholera, but because of its refreshing flavor and the style of the bottle, its popularity saw a spike.

Currently, the most common drink in Japan is Ramune. Also, it has started gaining popularity in other areas of the world.

It brings us to the question of what Ramune drink is.

Ramune is a carbonated beverage like Pepsi and Coke. The word Ramune comes from lemonade, and the oldest flavor was also lemon-lime flavored Ramune, but it comes in an abundance of flavor. However, the unique aspect of this drink is the marble and Codd-neck bottle.

The article will describe the history of Ramune, the unique design of Ramune bottles, its flavors, how to open a bottle of Ramune, and more. So, let’s dive in without further ado.

Historical Background of Ramune Soda

Historical Background Of Ramune Soda

The history of Ramune dates back to the 1850s when it was considered to be served to shogunate officials. But the most popular theory is the invention of this concoction as a medicinal drink.

Alexander Cameron Sim, a pharmacist, opened his company A.C. Sim Company which dealt with medicine imports.

Later on down the road, to deal with the problem of cholera that plagued the Kobe foreign settlement, Ramune came into existence at the hands of Alexander Cameron Sim.

While it came as a drink for medicinal purposes, it gained popularity in the late 1880s, and it didn’t take long to become the most favored drink throughout Japan.

Even today, Ramune is the go-to soda for people all over Japan. Ramune comes in a Codd-neck bottle, sealed at the top with marble and filled from down below.

Design of Ramune Bottles

Design Of Ramune Bottles

Another reason behind the popularity of Ramune is its unique bottle design.

Ramune bottles are made from a thick layer of glass that can withstand the pressure increase due to carbonation.

The distinctive difference between a regular glass bottle and a Ramune bottle is the shape of the neck, which houses a marble. This marble is also the reason behind the other names of Ramune, such as “marble soda.”

The filling process of Ramune bottles goes from the bottom side of the bottle, which shoots the marble upward till it reaches the rubber seal at the top to make an airtight bottle of Ramune.

Editor’s Note

The reason behind the marble in the Ramune bottle is to keep the carbonation inside since there wasn’t technological advancement or other methods for it back then.

How To Open a Bottle of Ramune

How To Open A Bottle Of Ramune

Ramune does come in can and plastic bottle varieties, where you can use them like any other cans or bottles you’re used to, but the glass bottles need to be opened differently.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to open a glass bottle of Ramune:

  1. The first and foremost step is the removal of the wrapper from the top rubber covering,
  2. Press the top end of the Ramune bottle with the plastic cap you get after removing the wrapping,
  3. Continue to force it downward until the marble at the top end goes into the marble area of the bottle.

Some Ramune bottles contain grooves in the marble region, which ensures that the marble won’t hinder your drinking and stick to these grooves, giving you a smooth drinking experience.

Ramune Soda and Its Flavors

Ramune Soda And Its Flavors

The original Ramune was introduced in the lemon-lime flavor, which provided benefits of tackling cholera and other benefits from lemon and lime.

However, Ramune didn’t stop at this flavor, and at present, there are so many flavors of Ramune that you name it.

The most popular flavors are fruit-based ones, e.g., melon, strawberry, orange, matcha, grapes, etc. But there are some bizarre flavors of these drinks, and wasabi and curry flavor Ramunes are among these.


Ramune sodas are popular in Japan and are even more common than Pepsi, Coke, and such, but it doesn’t make them healthy. It is because, like other sodas, they are sugar bombs though they carry fewer calories, sugars, and carbs than a regular Coke.

However, before wrapping up, Ramune soda is a nostalgia-inducing soda. It comes in a glass bottle with a rubber/plastic top with a marble inside. The shape of the bottle is a Codd-neck bottle, and there are countless flavors of Ramune, from refreshing to bizarre.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the taste of a Ramune soda?

The taste of the Ramune drink depends on the flavor of your choice, but the original Ramune tastes similar to citric-flavored gum.

Does Ramune have any caffeine?

The short answer is no. Ramune doesn’t have any caffeine and can be an alternative to sodas that carry caffeine.

Are Ramune bottles recyclable?

Yes, these bottles can be recycled, and usually, stores have a separate collection space for these bottles.

Can kids drink Ramune?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for kids to drink Ramune. While the taste is more centered on teenagers and adults, people enjoy Ramune on the beach, at parties or gatherings, or even among friends. However, the extra fizz in the drink due to the marble mayn’t be to the taste of children.

Is Ramune an alcoholic drink?

No, Ramune doesn’t contain any alcohol at all. The ingredients of Ramune include lemon (natural flavor), sugar, carbonated water, sodium citrate, and citric acid. But it can be mixed with alcoholic beverages to make cocktails.