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What Bourbon Does John Wick Drink? (& How Much It Costs)

What Bourbon Does John Wick Drink?

The John Wick franchise containing three movies and a fourth in production, has been a global success and is garnering fans by the day. Legendary assassin, John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, retired from his violent career after the tragic demise of his wife.

When his car was stolen and his puppy, a parting gift from his wife, was killed by a mobster, Iosef Tarasov (played by Alfie Allen), and his thugs, John unleashed his wrath on them and got sucked back into the life he thought he’d left behind.

If you’re not a whiskey enthusiast, you’d have barely noticed John drinking in the series, not with all the action. But you’re here, and you’ll be surprised to discover that John has good taste in whiskey. So what bourbon did John Wick drink?

In the first John Wick Movie, he was seen drinking a Blanton’s single barrel bourbon, this was the first single barrel bourbon to be sold commercially in 1984, and it has an alcohol volume of 46.5%

Continue reading to know what scene John drank this bourbon and everything you need to know about Blanton’s single-barrel bourbon.

When Did John Wick Drink Bourbon?

When Did John Wick Drink Bourbon?

After Iosef Tarasov stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog, Viggo Tarasov, his dad, a Russian mobster and crime lord that controlled New York, thought to place Iosef in his nightclub for his own protection.

John stormed Viggo’s nightclub in an attempt to find and kill Iosef but got into multiple fights and couldn’t achieve his aim. After the fights, John went back to the continental hotel to treat his injuries, with his concierge suggesting he should have a good drink.

In the next scene, you can see John drinking from a bottle of Blanton’s single-barrel bourbon while getting stitched up. Probably for the great taste and to help with the pain of his injuries.

A History of Blanton’s

A History Of Blanton's

The single barrel trend started with Blanton’s in 1984. The master distiller at the time, Elmer T. Lee, was tasked with producing bourbon of the highest quality.

He remembered something from early in his career when he worked under Colonel Albert B. Blanton. Blanton was the head of the distillery until 1952.

Elmer remembered that when Blanton had important guests over, he entertained them with handpicked honey barrels and bottled his bourbon one barrel at a time. This explained their high quality.

As a tribute to Blanton, Elmer named the new bourbon “Blanton’s single barrel.” He launched the brand a year before he retired, and it was a huge success. Blanton’s was the pacemaker of single barrel bourbons, and the quality remains excellent today. It’s no wonder it’s John Wick’s go-to bourbon.

Blanton’s is a must-try if you’re looking for a bold and complex single-barrel bourbon. This highly sought-after Kentucky bourbon is aged to perfection in charred white oak barrels and offers a smooth and sophisticated flavor.


Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon has a deep amber color with a slight copper tint. The liquid is surprisingly light and has a thin consistency that moves quickly in the glass.

A bottle of Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is a unique bottle that stands out on any shelf. The bottle has a rounded shape with a short neck and resembles a miniature barrel.

The bottle is made of deep amber glass, and topping off the bottle is a cork stopper shaped like a man on horseback. This stopper is a tribute to Colonel Albert B. Blanton, the man behind the Blanton brand. The whiskey inside is distilled in Kentucky, the home of bourbon.

Tasting Notes

When you take a sip, you’ll be met with sweet notes of caramel, toffee, and vanilla. The sweetness is balanced by a subtle smokiness and a hint of spice.

As the bourbon moves across your palate, you’ll be able to taste some of the oak barrel flavors and a slightly nutty taste. The finish is long, smooth, and slightly warm. Let’s not forget that it has a 46.5% ABV.


Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a complex and smooth bourbon.

It has a wonderful balance of sweet and smoky flavors with a hint of spice that will keep you coming back for more. This high-quality bourbon is well worth the price.

How Much Does a Bottle of Blanton’s Cost?

With the exquisite design and spectacular taste, you’d expect a bottle of this single-barrel bourbon to be thrice the current amount.

A bottle of Blanton’s single-barrel bourbon can cost anywhere from $60-75, depending on where you get it.

It’s a quality, affordable bourbon, and that’s why people love it so much.

Final Thoughts

Blanton’s single barrel is one of the finest single-barrel bourbons on the market, and John wick is known to have great taste in everything. There’s no doubt he enjoys this bourbon because everyone does.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what John Wick movie did Blanton’s appear?

Drinking bourbon became a regular thing to do at the doctor’s office. Blanton’s was sighted in both the first and second John Wick movies. In the first movie, he drank Blanton’s while the doctor stitched his wounds, and in the second, he was seen drinking Blanton’s Green Label Whiskey in a scene.

Were there other liquor brands in the John Wick series?

Of course, other liquors were sighted apart from Blanton’s. Below are some of them.

Peligroso Tequila: John Wick and Aurelio enjoyed this beverage.

Quintessentially Q Vodka: Viggo Tarasov and his son, Iosef, shared a shot before Iosef was punched for killing John’s dog.

Glenlivet 18yr Scotch: Viggo drank this when his assassins failed to eliminate John.

Russian Standard Vodka: Iosef was seen near a bottle of this before he was killed.

Putinka Vodka: This was another bottle displayed before Iosef’s death.