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How To Drink Boba (It’s NOT How You’d Think)

How To Drink Boba

Before going into how to drink Boba, let me explain what Boba is. Bubble tea has gained popularity recently and is known as Boba tea, but Boba refers to the tapioca pearls in this tea. These sparkly round-shaped beads are chewable pearls but tasteless on their own.

It makes you curious about the popularity of Boba tea, right? Artificial sweeteners are added to these pearls to flavor them, and they are mostly consumed with desserts or in Bubble tea to highlight their taste and texture.

So, how to drink Boba?

First things first – chew, not swallow. For first-timers, people get confused and swallow these pearls, which is fine, but the best way is to chew and then swallow them along with the delicious milk tea or fruit juice in which it is dipped.

Here we will tell you what you need to know to drink Boba without a hitch, so continue reading for more.

How To Drink Boba

How To Drink Boba

To get started, you need to keep a few things in mind, but that does not mean you should be a stickler for rules. You can drink it however you prefer when you get accustomed to it, but to start on it, take the safest approach possible to avoid unwanted attention.

Picking Out Your Flavor

What a dilemma! I am not kidding. There is a wide variety of Boba tea flavors because of the boom in Bubble Tea’s popularity that it will overwhelm you just to pick out a flavor. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The type of toppings, milk, ice, and so on will make you scratch your head.

So, for starters, research the flavor you want to go for if you are thinking of drinking it. If you are the kind that goes with the flow, then classic is your choice.

Now that is one thing done and over with, right? Wrong. You still have to decide on how sweet your drink should be and whether you want ice in it or not. Also, you can choose a non-dairy Boba Tea or one without milk.

Fret not! Here is the list of best Boba flavors that you need to know as a beginner.

Using Boba Straw

These round straws with a slightly pointed end on one side are twice as wide as your regular straws, and there is a good reason behind this wide size. You can suck up tapioca pearls without congesting the straw, providing a smooth-sailing drinking experience.

Except for the mundane function of letting you drink through it, this straw has another crucial role. The pointed end of the straw is used to puncture a hole in the film over the cup. You must have seen a few clips of people smashing their cups trying to do this feat.

So, to avoid such a disaster, just take it slow and easy—no need to ponder much. Use the same force as a clap to insert the straw, and you are good to go. Try not to hammer the straw and destroy the cup.

Chew, Not Swallow

The most significant aspect is chewing the tapioca pearls when they come into your mouth. Why is it so important, you ask? Because of two things; one, you need to chew them for ease of digestion, and two, it heightens the flavor of your Boba tea.

After settling in the tea, tapioca pearls absorb the flavor and milk in the tea and release it upon chewing, so you get small treats with your drink. That is why it is best to chew these pearls and drink the tea side-by-side to have the best experience.

Check out how to make tapioca pearls for your tea here.

Editor’s Note

There is a misconception that Boba can get stuck in your stomach and remain undigested. They are hard to digest, which is why chewing is recommended, but for an average adult, swallowing them won’t cause trouble unless you chow down on massive amounts.


Now you know how to enjoy your Boba tea for what it’s worth. Remember to firmly chew the tapioca pearls to experience the full taste of the Bubble tea and avoid an upset stomach.

The Boba tea has variants based on regional specialties, so even if you dislike tapioca pearls in your Bubble tea, you can always have one without them. So, enjoy!