Best Ways To Drink Grey Goose Vodka

How To Drink Grey Goose Vodka

When you think of vodka, flavor probably is not one of the first things that pop into your mind. After all, it is a pretty neutral spirit that is a good base for many cocktails. But even when you are not mixing it, you still want it to be good enough to be enjoyed clear on the rocks.

With so many vodkas to choose from, how to know what is good?

Grey Goose premium French vodka is one of the best vodkas in the world. Its crisp flavor, high quality, and versatility make it an easily enjoyable spirit.

Drink it straight, served over ice, or mix with soda water to bring out the natural flavors of the vodka. Grey Goose is also perfect as a main ingredient in many cocktails – from martinis to complex cocktails with more ingredients.

Let us look at the best ways to drink the world-famous Grey Goose vodka!

What Is Grey Goose Vodka

What Is Grey Goose Vodka

First, some background on Grey Goose vodka. As you may know, vodka is a distilled beverage made from fermented grains; traditionally, this meant wheat, but corn, rye, and other grains are also sometimes used. The difference in grains used gives each vodka a unique flavor profile.

Grey Goose is a premium vodka created in the 1990s in Cognac, France. To make this spirit, the company uses winter wheat from France, considered of better quality than summer wheat. In the distilling process, they also use calcium-rich water, which one could argue also adds subtleties of flavor.

While the product is French, did you know that the founder Sidney Frank was actually an American from Connecticut? He worked with a French man named François Thibault, who developed the recipe for Grey Goose.

Grey Goose Vodka Types

Grey Goose Vodka Types

While you are likely to see the classic unflavored Grey Goose vodka used as a base for cocktails in many bars, there is actually a range of different vodkas that the company makes.

Standard Grey Goose Vodka

Instantly recognizable, the clear and blue bottle of the standard Grey Goose unflavored vodka can be seen on the shelves of so many bars worldwide. It is excellent for sipping on the rocks or as a base for cocktails.

Grey Goose Essences

This line of vodkas is created with natural ingredients and infused with botanicals. This creates unique flavors with subtle yet detectable notes – all fresh and vibrant. There are three flavor combinations in the Grey Goose Essences vodka line:

  • Strawberry & Lemongrass
  • Watermelon & Basil
  • White Peach & Rosemary

The Grey Goose Essences flavored vodkas are great for making refreshing drinks. Just add some ice, soda or tonic water and a garnish for a perfect cocktail. That said, you can still enjoy them straight or as a part of more complex cocktails.

Grey Goose Flavored Vodka

Flavored vodkas are nothing new, but the quality of flavored vodka can make or break a drink. Citrus-infused vodkas are a classic, but Grey Goose takes it a step further by offering a truly French-inspired flavor – the Anjou pear. These are the flavored vodkas you will find in the Grey Goose arsenal:

  • La Poire (pear)
  • L’Orange (orange)
  • Le Citron (lemon)

Just like other vodkas they make, the flavored ones can also be enjoyed straight or in cocktails. Why not try to make a fantastic aperitif? Clear spirits like vodka are perfect for this!

Best Ways To Enjoy Grey Goose Vodka

So far, we’ve covered the variety of vodkas that Grey Goose offers and touched upon some ways of enjoying each kind. But let us dive a little deeper.

Vodka on the Rocks

Vodka On The Rocks

A drink on the rocks means that the only things in your glass are your spirit of choice and some ice.

Grey Goose on the rocks allows you to fully savour the delicate notes in this premium vodka. If you want to add something extra, garnish with a lemon twist.

It is not just the classic Grey Goose vodka that you can enjoy on the rocks – why not try one of the flavored ones like Le Citron or L’orange? Garnish each drink with a twist (lemon or orange, accordingly) and see how the notes of the citrus peak through each drink.

Grey Goose Martinis

Grey Goose Martinis

Grey Goose is ideal for making martinis – go with a classic recipe or try something bolder.

The classic dry vodka martini uses 50 ml of Grey Goose vodka and 10 ml of extra dry vermouth with a touch of orange bitters. Shake that over ice and enjoy!

If you are after more flavor, why not try a French martini that uses raspberry liqueur and some pineapple juice in addition to the vodka – fresh and summery.

An excellent digestif or an after-dinner drink is an espresso martini. Shaken vigorously over ice, you add a shot of espresso and some coffee liquor to make this velvety smooth cocktail.

Editor’s Tip

One of the ways you can make a martini cocktail with Grey Goose Essences vodka is by combining Grey Goose La Poire, some vanilla liqueur, lemon juice, and sugar syrup. Then garnish with a slice of pear to get that flavor of summers in France.

Cocktails With Flavored Vodka

Cocktails With Flavored Vodka

The unflavored classic Grey Goose vodka is a foundation for many cocktails. But so can be one of the flavored vodkas!

For a sweet and refreshing drink, take the Grey Goose orange-flavored vodka and combine it with some cranberry and lime juice, shake over ice and garnish with a slice of orange and lime.

To make a simple low-calorie cocktail using one of the Grey Goose Essences vodkas, combine them with some soda water, ice, and a matching garnish. The natural essences used in the vodka will come to life thanks to the soda water fizz, thus creating so much delicate flavor.


When you want to mix up your drinking experience, it is important to note that not all vodkas are created equal.

Grey Goose vodka has a distinct subtle flavor that sets it apart from other vodkas. This means that the premium vodka should be mixed with premium ingredients that will not overpower the delicate nature of the spirit.

Since Grey Goose offers a variety of vodkas, you’re guaranteed to find something that is a perfect match for your taste and the occasion.

Just remember that a little goes a long way, and if you can’t decide how to drink your Grey Goose, a classic mix with ice and soda water will always be a winning combination!