How Much Does Bartending School Cost?

How Much Is Bartending School?

The job of bartending may seem all fun and games. But a huge aspect of it is related to memorizing a diverse range of drinks, dealing with people from various walks of life, having the discipline and demeanor to work continuously, and so on.

However, fret not! You are not expected to be born with these skills. You learn most of them through practical experience or learning under the guidance of instructors.

These instructors may be specialists in their fields or bartenders with several years of experience under them. Many schools employ them, so you can study under the best people and get a headstart, which is terrific news, especially if you have no prior knowledge about this field.

If bartending schools provide such exceptional opportunities, they must be expensive, right? It brings us to the question, how much is a bartending school?

There are two types of bartending schools you can opt for, i.e., online or offline. The cost for an online bartending school falls between $100-200, contrarily, the price for an in-person one usually falls near $800, and each has its pros and cons.

The article will discuss the cost of enrolling in a bartending school and return, the advantages and disadvantages of both types, and why enrolling in a bartending school may be good for you.

Cost of Enrollment and Return

Cost Of Enrollment And Return

By a general estimate, $150-800 is the cost range for a bartending course, depending on the type you go for. It includes all the learning material, training, and cocktail recipes.

Contrarily, if you get a job as a barback, you can earn and learn side by side without spending anything.

That’s why; the cost is the primary concern here, regardless of the task you undertake. But for people with business minds, the big question is the return. So, this raises the question: if you spend $800 to get a certificate from bartending school, how quickly can you earn it back?

The answer to this question lies in this article, how much do bartenders really make? (Salary & Tips)

So, you can see that it is roughly one-thirtieth of their annual salary, which is in the case of minimum wage. But factors such as landing a job may contribute to this return.

On the other hand, getting a bartending certificate doesn’t guarantee a job, but it does increase your chances of landing one or getting promoted from a barback to a bartender. Also, it is a prerequisite in various states to acquire a bartending license.

Why Enrolling in a Bartending School Is Good for You?

Why Enrolling In A Bartending School Is Good For You?

A decent bartending school offers the essential knowledge and skill set a bartender may need in their daily routine. The course structure can vary from school to school.

For an insight into what a bartending school can offer, check out this website on Boston bartending school.

That’s not all; the reason why a bartending school may be a good choice is that it can help you gain management jobs in the bartending sector because some schools offer specialized courses in bar staff management.

Bartending school is the best choice for those with no prior experience in this field and who want to explore a future in it, as these schools introduce you to the world of numerous alcoholic drinks.

Another thing that enrolling in a bartending school can help with is not being afraid of the hectic atmosphere and job requirements that arise when you start working. That is why; education plays a significant role in our life.

Pros and Cons of Bartending Schools

Pros And Cons Of Bartending Schools

Both categories of bartending schools come with their pros and cons. Let’s break down the plus and negative points of each side.

Online Bartending School

The best advantage an online course has over an in-person one is the cost. Online bartending schools are three-four times cheaper when compared with in-person ones.

Also, that’s just one perk; another is that these are not constrained by the location and timing of the studies, meaning you only need internet access to have this course whenever you want, which makes it more attractive if you are working as a barback.

You can complete this course as quickly as a month or as long as two-three months, but the problem is that all things are virtual, so you don’t get hands-on experience. All you get is knowledge about various things, which is okay for people with prior experience but not otherwise.

In-Person Bartending Schools

Compared to their online counterparts, these schools can cost you a lot ($600-800), and the course duration is shorter. It can be as short as one week, or maximum stretched to three weeks.

Another thing that these may lack is that you have to be in the vicinity to attend it or at least commute to it.

But all these shortcomings are covered by the single advantage these schools offer, i.e., practical training, which is the bread and butter for every bartender.

These schools are better options for novices who lack a proper base and know-how in this field, which helps you prepare yourself better for real job experience.

Check out the best bartending colleges in the US here, and if you want a global experience, you can also check out the top bartending schools worldwide.

Editor’s Note

Remember to check if the school is accredited by the state before opting for an online or in-person bartending school. Otherwise, the certificate won’t help you if it is a prerequisite for a bartending license.


Lastly, the job of bartending is highly intertwined with multitasking. One should tend to the bar and customers, make drinks, keep things tidy and clean, and so on. These are usually taught in a bartending school but handling the pressure of a real job is hard.

That’s why the price range of $100-800 may seem like a massive tag initially, but if it helps you get hands-on training in these fields, every penny is worth it. Also, the recommended option is to go for an in-person bartending school rather than an online one unless you work as a barback.