11 Filipino Shrimp Recipes: From Shell to Delight in Every Bite!

11 Best Filipino Shrimp Recipes

Are you a fan of shrimp? Then you're in for a treat! Filipino cuisine offers a plethora of mouthwatering shrimp recipes that will make your taste buds dance with joy. From savory stir-fries to tangy sinigang soups, there's something for everyone!

In this blog post, we'll explore the best Filipino shrimp recipes that are guaranteed to impress your family and friends. So, grab your apron and get ready to embark on a flavorful culinary adventure!

1. Garlic Butter Shrimp with Sprite

Garlic Butter Shrimp With Sprite

Garlic Butter Shrimp with Sprite is a Filipino dish that combines the flavors of garlic, butter, and lemon-lime soda. The use of intact shrimp with shells and heads adds a robust and delicious flavor.

The dish is simple to make and can be enjoyed with rice. Overall, it is a tasty and easy-to-repeat recipe that showcases the love for Sprite in Filipino cuisine.

2. Halabos na Hipon

Halabos Na Hipon

Halabos na Hipon is a traditional Filipino shrimp dish that showcases the natural flavors of fresh shrimp. The recipe involves sautéing garlic and then briefly cooking the shrimp in a mixture of 7-up and salt.

The result is tender and juicy shrimp with a sweet and flavorful sauce. It's a simple yet delicious way to enjoy the abundance of fresh shrimp in the Philippines.

3. Buttered Shrimp

Buttered Shrimp

Buttered Shrimp is a classic Filipino dish that features succulent shrimp cooked in a flavorful butter and garlic sauce. The dish is quick and easy to prepare, with the shrimp cooked just until pink and opaque to maintain their tender texture.

The combination of butter, garlic, and spices adds a rich and savory flavor to the shrimp, making it a delightful and satisfying dish. Serve it with rice, pasta, or bread for a complete meal.

4. Shrimp and Pork Pancit

Shrimp And Pork Pancit

Shrimp and Pork Pancit is an authentic Filipino dish that combines stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, pork, and a variety of vegetables. Seasoned with oyster sauce and lime, this recipe offers a savory and refreshing flavor.

It is a delicious option for those looking to explore Filipino cuisine and can be served as part of a complete meal with other traditional dishes.

5. Crispy Breaded Shrimp

Crispy Breaded Shrimp

Crispy Breaded Shrimp is a delicious and addictive Filipino dish that features perfectly seasoned and crunchy shrimp. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer, in tacos, or in sandwiches.

The recipe uses a simple breading mix and is easy to recreate at home. The shrimp are deep-fried to a golden and crispy perfection. Overall, Crispy Breaded Shrimp is a must-try dish for seafood lovers.

6. Ukoy


Ukoy is a popular Filipino snack and appetizer made of crunchy shrimp fritters. This recipe uses sweet potato and a flavorful mixture of flour, cornstarch, and spices.

The small shrimps are mixed with grated sweet potato, creating a delicious and crispy texture when fried. The dish is traditionally served with spiced vinegar for dipping. Ukoy is a must-try for shrimp lovers looking for a tasty and satisfying Filipino dish.

7. Ginataang Hipon

Ginataang Hipon

Ginataang Hipon is a rich and succulent Filipino shrimp dish cooked in thick coconut sauce. The combination of shrimp, coconut milk, kabocha squash, and long beans creates a creamy and flavorful dish.

The use of good-quality coconut milk is essential for a rich and velvety texture. This recipe allows for customization, whether you prefer more shrimp or want the vegetables to shine. Serve with steamed rice for a satisfying meal.

8. Bagoong Fried Rice

Bagoong Fried Rice

Bagoong Fried Rice is a flavorful and satisfying Filipino dish made with shrimp paste and day-old rice. It pairs well with a variety of Filipino dishes, such as pork barbecue and grilled fish. The addition of liquid seasoning enhances the overall flavor of the fried rice.

It is a great alternative to plain rice and can be enjoyed with various side dishes like scrambled eggs, fried talong (eggplant), and julienned mangoes. Overall, Bagoong Fried Rice is a delicious and versatile shrimp recipe that is easy to make and perfect for any Filipino meal.

9. Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp is a delicious and crowd-pleasing dish that combines the flavors of sweet and salty. The shrimp is coated in a crispy batter made with flour, baking powder, and beer (or a substitute), giving it a light and crunchy texture.

The shrimp is then coated in a mixture of shredded coconut and Panko breadcrumbs, adding an extra layer of flavor and crunch. Whether served as an appetizer or a main course, Coconut Shrimp is sure to be a hit at any gathering.

10. Pork and Shrimp Siomai

Pork And Shrimp Siomai

Pork and Shrimp Siomai is a delicious Filipino dish that combines juicy ground pork and chopped shrimp wrapped in a dumpling wrapper. The mixture is seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, and oyster sauce, giving it a flavorful taste.

Topped with minced carrots or whole shrimp, these siomai are steamed to perfection and served with a tangy soy sauce-lemon dipping sauce. A must-try recipe for shrimp lovers!

11. Okoy or Ukoy

Okoy Or Ukoy

Okoy or Ukoy is a delicious Filipino shrimp recipe that features lightly battered and crispy fritters. The dish is made with a combination of shrimp, kabocha or calabaza squash, carrot, onion, and cilantro. The fritters are fried until golden and served with a spicy vinegar dipping sauce.

The use of rice flour and baking powder in the batter creates a light and crunchy texture. Overall, Okoy or Ukoy is a flavorful and satisfying appetizer or snack option that showcases the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine.