5 Malibu Christmas Cocktails to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

5 Best Malibu Christmas Cocktails

The holiday season is upon us and there's no better way to get into the festive spirit than with a delicious cocktail. If you're looking for something tropical and refreshing to sip on this Christmas, then Malibu rum is the perfect choice.

With its smooth, coconut flavor, Malibu is the ideal base for a wide range of cocktails that are sure to bring a touch of Caribbean sunshine to your holiday celebrations.

Whether you're planning a cozy night in with family or hosting a festive party with friends, there's a Malibu cocktail recipe that's perfect for every occasion.

From classic concoctions to more adventurous blends, we've rounded up the best Malibu Christmas Cocktail recipes to help you get into the holiday spirit.

So, sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the world of Malibu cocktails.

From fruity punches to creamy eggnogs, we've got everything you need to make this Christmas a truly unforgettable one. So, grab your shaker, pour yourself a glass, and let's get mixing!

1. Santa's Hat Coconut Rum Cocktail

Santa's Hat Coconut Rum Cocktail

The Santa's Hat Coconut Rum Cocktail is a fun and fruity Malibu Christmas Cocktail that features a mix of cranberry juice cocktail, sweet and sour mix, grenadine, lemon juice, cream of coconut, sweetened coconut flakes, and coconut rum.

It has a sugared coconut rim and maraschino cherry garnish that give it a classic Santa hat look. The result is a tart, sweet, and exotic drink that is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. It's a must-try for anyone looking for a festive and delicious holiday cocktail.

2. Sexy Snowman Cocktail

Sexy Snowman Cocktail

The Sexy Snowman Cocktail is a creamy and delicious holiday drink made with Malibu, creme de cacao, and cream of coconut. It's like a chocolate coconut dream without the pineapple juice. The use of coconut cream instead of milk-based cream makes it easy to sip without feeling overly full.

The garnish of shredded coconut on top or the option to dip the rim in melted white chocolate and shredded coconut adds an extra touch of holiday spirit. Overall, the Sexy Snowman Cocktail is a must-try for anyone looking for a creamy and indulgent Malibu Christmas Cocktail.

3. Jack Frost Cocktail

Jack Frost Cocktail

The Jack Frost Cocktail is a tropical and festive drink that is perfect for the holiday season. Made with vodka (or light rum), pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and blue curacao, this cocktail is sweet and refreshing.

The rim of the glass is coated with coconut and corn syrup, adding an extra touch of sweetness and texture. This cocktail can be blended with ice or served as a martini for those who prefer a less icy drink. The Jack Frost Cocktail is a must-try for anyone looking for a delicious and unique holiday drink.

4. Malibu Sunset Cocktail

Malibu Sunset Cocktail

The Malibu Sunset Cocktail is a refreshing drink that looks like a beautiful summer sunset. It's a blend of coconut rum, pineapple, and sweet grenadine, and is easy to make.

The grenadine syrup sinks to the bottom of the glass, while the rest of the liquids float on top, creating a stunning layered effect. This sweet cocktail is perfect for beach parties, weddings, and summer events.

5. Frosty the Snowman Cocktail

Frosty The Snowman Cocktail

The Frosty the Snowman Cocktail is a perfect addition to any holiday celebration. This cocktail is a delightful blend of coconut rum, blue curacao, peppermint schnapps, pineapple juice, and Sprite, with a crushed candy cane rimmer. The peppermint flavor adds the perfect touch of Christmas to this refreshing and almost tropical-tasting drink.

The blue shimmering color of the cocktail is eye-catching and adds to the festive atmosphere. This cocktail is easy to make and is sure to impress your guests. If you are looking for a simple and quick recipe to add some boozy peppermint goodness to your holiday celebrations, the Frosty the Snowman Cocktail is definitely worth trying.