13 Japanese Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

13 Best Japanese Dessert Recipes

Are you ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with a taste of Japan? From delicate treats to mouthwatering delights, Japanese desserts are a feast for the senses. In this blog post, we'll explore the world of Japanese dessert recipes and discover some of the best creations that will leave you craving for more.

So, grab your apron and get ready to indulge in a culinary journey that will awaken your taste buds and transport you to the enchanting land of Japan. Get ready to discover the art of Japanese dessert making!

1. Japanese Milk Pudding

Japanese Milk Pudding

Japanese Milk Pudding is a delightful and creamy dessert that captures the essence of traditional Japanese sweets. Made with just four simple ingredients, this no-bake gluten-free treat is easy to make and perfect for those with dietary restrictions.

The combination of milk, cream, stevia, and gelatin creates a smooth and luxurious texture that melts in your mouth. Whether enjoyed on its own or with a caramel sauce topping, this pudding is a delicious taste of Japan that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

2. Mochi with Custard Filling

Mochi With Custard Filling

Mochi with Custard Filling is a delightful Japanese dessert that combines the chewy texture of mochi with a creamy custard filling. This sweet treat is easy to make and offers a unique taste experience. The mochi itself is made from glutinous rice flour, giving it a sticky and stretchy texture.

The custard filling adds a rich and creamy element to the dessert, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Whether enjoyed fresh or stored in the refrigerator, Mochi with Custard Filling is a must-try Japanese dessert for any sweet tooth.

3. Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake is a delightful and unique dessert that stands out among other cheesecakes. It is known for its fluffy and jiggly texture, achieved by whipping egg whites into a meringue and incorporating it into a cream cheese-egg yolk batter.

Baked in a hot water bath, this cheesecake turns out moist and light. With fewer calories than a regular cheesecake, it offers a guilt-free indulgence. Add some fresh berries to enhance its appearance and make it perfect for any special occasion.

4. Souffle Cheesecake

Souffle Cheesecake

The Souffle Cheesecake, also known as Japanese Cheesecake, is a fluffy, creamy, and light dessert that will melt in your mouth. It is lightly sweetened and slightly tangy, making it a perfect treat when sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with fresh berries and whipped cream.

This Japanese-style cheesecake is less sweet than traditional cheesecake, but still incredibly delicious. It is made by folding sweetened whipped egg whites into a whipped cream cheese batter, resulting in a light and airy texture. Whether enjoyed on its own or with additional toppings, this Souffle Cheesecake is a delightful Japanese dessert.

5. Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream is a trendy Japanese dessert that combines a chewy mochi rice cake with a cold and refreshing ice cream filling.

It has a unique texture that is sticky, chewy, and sweet, while the ice cream adds a creamy and refreshing element. It comes in various flavors like strawberry, green tea matcha, and chocolate, making it a delightful and fun treat to try.

6. Anmitsu Yokan

Anmitsu Yokan

Anmitsu Yokan is a trendy and delicious Japanese sweet that combines the flavors of Anmitsu and Yokan. It features a combination of Kanten jelly, sweet red bean paste (anko), and various toppings such as fruits, dango, and Mitsu syrup.

This hybrid dessert is easy to make and allows for creative substitutions. With its cute appearance and delightful taste, Anmitsu Yokan is a must-try Japanese dessert.

7. No-Bake Purin

No-Bake Purin

No-Bake Purin is a popular Japanese dessert that offers a silky, creamy, and rich custard pudding experience. This chilled dessert features a layer of soft caramel on top and is made without the need for baking or stovetop cooking.

The texture is similar to gelatin desserts like panna cotta, with a smooth and slightly firm consistency. With its delightful custard flavors and easy preparation, No-Bake Purin is a must-try Japanese treat.

8. Japanese Sweet Potato Dessert

Japanese Sweet Potato Dessert

Japanese Sweet Potato Dessert is a delightful and creamy treat made with satsumaimo, or Japanese sweet potatoes. The dessert is shaped like miniature sweet potatoes and toasted, giving it a unique and adorable appearance.

The sweet potatoes are mashed and combined with cream, butter, sugar, and honey, resulting in a rich and buttery flavor. The addition of black sesame seeds adds a nice touch of nuttiness. This dessert is a perfect choice for autumn and showcases the natural sweetness of Japanese sweet potatoes.

9. Yatsuhashi


Yatsuhashi is a popular traditional Japanese sweet from Kyoto. Made with rice flour, sugar, and cinnamon, it comes in three different variations – baked, unbaked, and unbaked with red bean paste. The baked version has a crispy texture with a strong cinnamon flavor, while the unbaked version is enjoyed as is and comes in cinnamon and matcha flavors.

The most popular kind is Nama Yatsuhashi with Red Bean Paste, where the square thin mochi is folded into a triangle and filled with red bean paste. Overall, Yatsuhashi is a delicious and iconic Japanese dessert that is worth trying.

10. Shiratama Dango

Shiratama Dango

Shiratama Dango is a delightful Japanese dessert consisting of soft and chewy mochi balls made from sweet rice flour. It is traditionally served with various toppings such as red bean paste and kinako powder. This versatile dessert is quick and easy to make, with a subtle sweetness that is not overpowering.

The texture of the dango is delightfully chewy and stretchy, making it a fun treat to enjoy. Whether served as a standalone dessert or as a garnish for ice cream and parfaits, Shiratama Dango is a must-try for any lover of Japanese sweets.

11. Japanese Black Sesame Pudding

Japanese Black Sesame Pudding

Japanese Black Sesame Pudding is a luscious and flavorful dessert that showcases the complexity and depth of black sesame. Made with black sesame paste, this pudding is easy to make and offers a unique twist on traditional pudding recipes.

The recipe requires just a few simple ingredients and can be enjoyed on its own, without the need for additional toppings or accompaniments. If you're looking to try a delicious and authentic Japanese dessert, this Black Sesame Pudding is definitely worth a try.

12. Mochi


Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert made from glutinous rice, known as mochigome. It has a unique texture that is sticky, elastic, and chewy. While mochi is often associated with sweet fillings or coatings, the plain mochi itself can be enjoyed in various ways.

It can be added to soups, stuffed with sweet fillings, coated with sweet or savory sauces, used as a decoration for Japanese New Year, or even made into rice crackers. Mochi is a versatile treat that offers a delightful and satisfying experience for those who appreciate its distinct texture.

13. Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake

Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake

Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake is a must-try dessert for those looking for a unique and delightful treat. This fluffy, souffle-like cheesecake has a wobbly and airy texture that is reminiscent of a chiffon cake. It is less sweet and lower in calories compared to traditional cheesecakes, making it a lighter option.

The recipe incorporates a special technique to achieve the perfect creamy and airy texture. With everyday ingredients and a quick preparation time, this cheesecake is both delicious and easy to make. Overall, Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake is a delightful and heavenly dessert that will leave you wanting more.