9 Historical Cocktails That Will Take You Back in Time

9 Best Historical Cocktails

As a bartender, it's not just about serving drinks. It's about the history behind them.

Every cocktail has a story to tell, and as a mixologist, it's our job to bring that story to life. We are the storytellers of the bar, and the cocktails we serve are the tales we tell.

The cocktails we serve today have a rich history, dating back to the early 1800s. Each drink has a unique origin story, from the classic martini to the old fashioned.

These cocktails have stood the test of time, and their recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

But what makes these cocktails so special? It's the ingredients, the techniques, and the stories behind them. Each cocktail has a unique blend of flavors and aromas, and the way they are prepared can make all the difference.

From shaking to stirring, the techniques used to create these cocktails are as important as the ingredients themselves.

In this blog post, we will explore the world of historical cocktails. We will dive into the stories behind some of the most iconic drinks of all time, and we'll share some of the best recipes that have been passed down through the ages.

Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or just starting out, there's something for everyone in the world of historical cocktails. So sit back, relax, and let's explore the fascinating history of the cocktails we all know and love.

1. Remember the Maine

Remember The Maine

The Remember the Maine cocktail is a bold and herbaceous drink made with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry liqueur, and absinthe.

It's named after a battleship that played a role in the Spanish-American War, and its history is just as fascinating as its flavor. If you're a fan of the classic Manhattan cocktail, you'll definitely want to give this historical cocktail a try.

2. Martinez Cocktail

Martinez Cocktail

The Martinez Cocktail is a classic drink that paved the way for the development of the Martini and Dry Martini. It's made from sweet vermouth and gin, along with maraschino cherry liqueur and bitters, creating a complex and layered beverage.

The original recipe did not specify which kind of gin should be used, but it is believed that a botanically rich type of gin would fit the bill to recreate the original flavor. Overall, the Martinez Cocktail is a must-try for anyone who appreciates classic cocktails and the history behind them.

3. Rum Daisy Cocktail

Rum Daisy Cocktail

The Rum Daisy Cocktail is a historical cocktail recipe that may have ties to the origin of the Margarita. This cocktail has a simple and sweet taste, thanks to the use of rum as its primary spirit. The recipe was sourced from Dr. Jerry Thomas, a famous mixologist who wrote the first printed cocktail recipe book.

While the measurements may be a bit different than usual cocktail measurements, the recipe is still worth trying out. If you're a fan of classic cocktails and enjoy experimenting with different spirits, the Rum Daisy Cocktail is definitely worth a try.

4. Meyer Lemon Shrub Drink

Meyer Lemon Shrub Drink

The Meyer Lemon Shrub Drink is a historical cocktail that combines sweet and tart flavors. It's a fermented drink made with Meyer lemons and apple cider vinegar, giving it a tart but sweet lemony flavor.

It's perfect for those who love kombucha and other fermented drinks and is a great way to improve gut health and suppress appetite. Try the Meyer Lemon Shrub Drink today and experience a historical cocktail that is making a comeback!

5. Peach French 75 Punch

Peach French 75 Punch

The Peach French 75 Punch is a modern twist on the classic French 75 cocktail. This party punch is made with Barefoot Bubbly Peach Fusion, which adds a sweet and juicy aroma to the drink. The cocktail is a mix of gin, champagne, lemon juice, and simple syrup, and is served with an ice ring that can be customized with various ingredients.

The French 75 cocktail dates back to World War I and was created in Paris by barman Harry MacElhone. The Peach French 75 Punch is a perfect addition to any party or get-together, and is sure to impress guests with its unique and refreshing taste.

6. Ruby Fizz Cocktail

Ruby Fizz Cocktail

The Ruby Fizz Cocktail is a delightful historical cocktail that is simple to make and tastes impressive. This 1930's recipe has been updated with simple syrup and a two-step shake method to create a silky meringue foam.

The addition of egg to the cocktail gives it a rich and velvety texture. The cocktail is slightly tart and has a beautiful ruby color, making it a stunning addition to any cocktail party. If you're looking for a retro cocktail with a twist, the Ruby Fizz Cocktail is definitely worth trying.

7. Hot Ale Flip

Hot Ale Flip

The Hot Ale Flip is an 18th-century drink that mixes beer and rum with sweeteners like molasses, cane sugar, or dried pumpkin.

It is heated with a red-hot poker to create a frothy and warm texture, adding a caramelized flavor to the already-creamy drink. This unique and delicious drink is perfect for those who love a malty dark beer and spicy molasses notes of the rum.

8. Clarified Citrus Gin and Milk Punch

Clarified Citrus Gin And Milk Punch

The Clarified Citrus Gin and Milk Punch is a classic milk-based cocktail that dates back to the 18th century. It is prepared with gin, fresh milk, Triple Sec Orange Liqueur, lemon juice, orange juice, simple syrup, and a rosemary sprig. The cocktail is clarified using a fine sieve and coffee filters, resulting in a transparent, bright, and boozy citrus drink.

It has a creamy mouthfeel and is flavoured with hints of citrus, making it a perfect cocktail to enjoy during the winter season. The Clarified Citrus Gin and Milk Punch is a must-try for fans of milk-based cocktails, with its rich history and unique preparation method.

9. The Bee's Knees Cocktail

The Bee's Knees Cocktail

The Bee's Knees Cocktail is a sweet and tangy drink that was born during the Prohibition era. It's made with gin, honey, and lemon juice, and it's the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

The name of the cocktail comes from the phrase "the bee's knees," which was a popular expression in the 1920s to describe something that was top-notch. The Bee's Knees is a great way to transport yourself back to the Roaring Twenties and experience the glamour and excitement of the Jazz Age.