9 Dill Cocktails You Need to Try Right Now!

9 Best Dill Cocktails

As a bartender, I pride myself on creating unique and delicious drinks that leave my customers feeling satisfied and impressed.

One ingredient that I often turn to when crafting new cocktails is dill. Dill may be an unexpected addition to a cocktail, but it adds a refreshing and unexpected twist to traditional recipes.

Dill is an herb that is commonly used in cooking, but its flavor profile is often overlooked in the world of mixology. It has a distinct taste that is both tangy and slightly sweet, making it the perfect addition to a variety of cocktails.

When paired with other ingredients, dill can enhance the flavor profile of a drink and add a unique twist that is sure to impress even the most discerning of cocktail enthusiasts.

Whether you are a seasoned bartender looking to add some new recipes to your repertoire or a home mixologist looking for a fun and exciting new drink to try, dill cocktails are a must-try.

From classic gin and tonics infused with dill to refreshing cucumber and dill martinis, there are countless ways to incorporate this herb into your drinks. So, if you are ready to take your cocktail game to the next level, it's time to start experimenting with dill and discover the delicious and unexpected flavors it can bring to your drinks.

1. Dill Pickle Martini

Dill Pickle Martini

The Dill Pickle Martini is a unique and bold cocktail that is perfect for pickle lovers. It is made with homemade dill pickle infused vodka, which gives it a herby and briny flavor with a peppery kick at the end. This cocktail is not for the faint of heart as it is very strong and boozy.

It tastes just like pickle juice, but with a lot of alcohol in it. The garnish of cornichons or baby dill pickles adds a nice touch to the drink and makes for a perfect snack to eat with the cocktail. If you're a fan of pickles, this cocktail is definitely worth trying out.

2. Cucumber Dill Martini

Cucumber Dill Martini

The Cucumber Dill Martini is a refreshing and unique cocktail that combines the coolness of cucumber with the aromatic flavor of dill. This cocktail is perfect for those who want to try something new and exciting.

The combination of fresh dill, cucumber, vodka, lime, and simple syrup creates a delicious and satisfying drink that is perfect for any occasion. The garnish of cucumber wheels and dill sprigs adds a touch of elegance to the cocktail. If you're looking for a refreshing and unique cocktail, the Cucumber Dill Martini is definitely worth a try.

3. Bourbon Pear Due Dill-Igence

Bourbon Pear Due Dill-Igence

Looking for a unique and refreshing cocktail to try? Look no further than the Bourbon Pear Due Dill-Igence. This cocktail combines the sweetness of a red pear with the bold flavor of dill and the smoothness of bourbon. The addition of lemon zest and soda water gives it a refreshing twist.

The key to the cocktail is the pear dill simple syrup that is easy to make and adds a depth of flavor to the drink. Whether you're a bourbon lover or just looking for a new cocktail to try, the Bourbon Pear Due Dill-Igence is a must-try.

4. Pickle Martini

Pickle Martini

The Pickle Martini is a unique twist on the classic dirty martini. Made with vodka (or gin), pickle juice, and a splash of dry vermouth, this cocktail is simple yet delicious. It's a perfect drink for those who love pickles and want to try something new. The ratio of vodka to pickle juice can be adjusted to taste, making it a versatile drink that can be customized to suit individual preferences.

The addition of dry vermouth adds a traditional touch to the cocktail, making it a great choice for those who enjoy classic cocktails. Whether you're looking for a new drink to try at home or want to impress your guests with a unique cocktail, the Pickle Martini is definitely worth a try.

5. Pickleback Cocktail

Pickleback Cocktail

The Pickleback Cocktail is a unique and unexpected combination of bourbon or whiskey with pickle brine. It may sound strange, but it surprisingly works brilliantly. The addition of lime juice and simple syrup balances the tanginess of the pickle juice, resulting in a savory and slightly sweet cocktail.

Garnished with fresh dill and a pickle spear, this cocktail is perfect for pickle lovers looking for a fun and easy homemade drink. The Pickleback Cocktail is definitely worth a try for those looking for a new and exciting twist on classic cocktails.

6. Lemon Gin Fizz With Cucumber and Dill

Lemon Gin Fizz With Cucumber And Dill

The Lemon Gin Fizz with Cucumber and Dill is a refreshing and perfect drink for a hot spring or summer day. This cocktail uses the Lemon Shrub with Cardamom and Mint, which gives it a unique taste that varies depending on the gin used. The recipe can be served in two ways, fizzy or neat, and the neat version is more concentrated and spirit-forward.

The combination of cucumber and dill gives it a summertime refresher feel, making it a perfect choice for a warm day. This cocktail is part of a larger article featuring other Dill Cocktail recipes, and it's definitely worth trying out for anyone looking for a refreshing and unique cocktail experience.

7. Magic Mushroom Cocktail

Magic Mushroom Cocktail

The Magic Mushroom Cocktail is a unique and savory cocktail that is sure to impress. It features a base of vodka and a mix of amaro for an herbal flavor, with lemon juice providing the necessary acidity. The addition of dill tincture adds a layer of herbal notes, while truffle olive oil gives the cocktail a fantastic mouthfeel.

This cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy savory flavors and are looking for something different. Overall, the Magic Mushroom Cocktail is a must-try for anyone looking to expand their cocktail horizons.

8. Dill Pickle Micheladas

Dill Pickle Micheladas

The Dill Pickle Michelada is a unique twist on the classic Mexican drink. This cocktail combines the savory flavors of clamato or tomato juice with pickle juice and fresh dill to create a salty, sour and refreshing taste.

The perfect salt rimmed glass adds an extra textural and flavor element that is sure to impress. While any light beer can be used, using a true Mexican cerveza like Modelo will give you the authentic experience. This cocktail is perfect for those who want to try something new and exciting.

9. Mokosh Cocktail

Mokosh Cocktail

The Mokosh Cocktail is a unique Slavic-inspired drink that is sure to pique the interest of any cocktail enthusiast. Made with traditional Slavic ingredients like cucumber and dill, this vodka-based cocktail is a refreshing and flavorful tribute to the Slavic goddess of moisture.

The recipe for this cocktail was created by a Polish bartender and Slavic witch, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this already fascinating drink. Whether you have Slavic heritage or simply enjoy trying new and exotic cocktails, the Mokosh Cocktail is definitely worth a try. So, if you're looking for a unique and flavorful dill cocktail, be sure to add the Mokosh Cocktail to your list.