8 Crystal Light Cocktails to Sip, Savor, and Swoon Over!

8 Best Crystal Light Cocktails

As a bartender, I have seen it all when it comes to drinks. From the classics to the trendy, there's always something new to try. But there's one ingredient that has been making waves in the cocktail world lately: Crystal Light.

Yes, you read that right. The powdered drink mix that your mom used to make you when you were a kid is now a staple in many bars across the country.

Why, you may ask? Well, for starters, Crystal Light is low calorie and comes in a variety of flavors.

This means that you can create a delicious cocktail without all the added sugar and calories that come with traditional mixers. Plus, with so many flavors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

But don't just take my word for it. I've scoured the internet and talked to my fellow bartenders to bring you the best Crystal Light Cocktail recipes out there.

From fruity to tangy to downright refreshing, these cocktails are sure to impress your guests and leave them wanting more.

So, whether you're looking to impress your friends at your next party or just want to try something new, keep reading for the best Crystal Light Cocktail recipes around.


1. Halloween Randa-Rita Cocktail

Halloween Randa-Rita Cocktail

The Halloween Randa-Rita Cocktail is a fun and festive drink that is perfect for Halloween parties. Made with Crystal Light lemonade, diet cranberry lemon-lime soda, and tequila, this cocktail has a bright orange color that is sure to impress your guests. The addition of yellow food coloring gives it a pumpkin-like appearance, making it a great addition to any Halloween-themed event.

What makes this drink even more exciting is that it is part of the Crystal Light Platinum Points Program, which rewards customers with Miranda Lambert gear for purchasing Crystal Light products at Walmart. Overall, the Halloween Randa-Rita Cocktail is a delicious and fun drink that is perfect for any Halloween celebration.

2. Sparkling Crystal Light

Sparkling Crystal Light

"Sparkling Crystal Light" is a refreshing and budget-friendly cocktail that is perfect for spring and summer. The recipe is simple and versatile, allowing you to choose any flavor of Crystal Light to suit your taste or party theme. The cocktail can be made with Sprite or 7-Up, and if you use diet soda, it's only 5 calories.

It's a great option for those watching their calorie intake. The cocktail is perfect for any occasion, from a casual afternoon drink to a party. It's easy to make and looks pretty when served in a glass pitcher. If you're looking for a refreshing and low-calorie cocktail, "Sparkling Crystal Light" is a must-try.

3. Passion Fruit Frozen Mojito

Passion Fruit Frozen Mojito

The "Passion Fruit Frozen Mojito" is a refreshing and simple cocktail that is perfect for warm weather. This frozen mojito is made with Parrot Bay Passion Fruit rum mixed with soda water and a splash of lemonade. The Crystal Light PURE lemonade packets are used to add a great flavor to the cocktail, and it is sugar-free.

The best part about this cocktail is that you can improvise with different flavors of rum to create your own unique version. The recipe is perfect for making one, two, or a whole pitcher, and it is guaranteed to be a hit at your next summer gathering. If you're looking for a new cocktail to try, the "Passion Fruit Frozen Mojito" is definitely worth a taste!

4. Witches Brew Cocktail

Witches Brew Cocktail

The Witches Brew Cocktail is a perfect Halloween drink that you can enjoy year-round. This cocktail is a combination of lemonade, blue curacao, and vodka, with an optional Crystal Light packet to make it extra lemony. The black sanding sugar on the rim of the glass and rubber spiders on top add a spooky touch to this delicious cocktail.

This cocktail can be served in a martini glass or as a punch bowl with dry ice for a more dramatic effect. The non-alcoholic version of this cocktail is also available by combining green sherbet, lemon-lime soda, and pineapple juice. If you're looking for a fun and spooky cocktail to serve at your next Halloween party, the Witches Brew Cocktail is the perfect choice.

5. "Skinny" Blueberry Lemonade Cocktail

Skinny Blueberry Lemonade Cocktail

Looking for a refreshing, low-calorie cocktail that's easy to make? Look no further than the "Skinny" Blueberry Lemonade Cocktail! This summertime libation uses only two ingredients: blueberry-infused vodka and low-calorie lemonade. It's perfect for lazy summer days, whether you're lounging on the front porch or hosting a summer party.

Plus, it's easy to customize to your preferred strength by adjusting the ratio of vodka to lemonade. Add some blueberries for garnish and you've got a pretty, pinkish-purple cocktail that's sure to become a go-to chilled beverage. Give it a try and cheers to summer!

6. Skinny Peach Mango Mojitos

Skinny Peach Mango Mojitos

The Skinny Peach Mango Mojitos is a refreshing summer cocktail that is perfect for those who are conscious about their calorie intake. Made with Crystal Light Peach Mango, white rum, fresh lime juice, lime slices, and mint leaves, this cocktail is low-carb and keto-friendly. The cocktail can be made individually or in a pitcher for a group.

It's a perfect drink to take to the beach or serve at pool parties. With only 70 calories per serving, you can indulge in this delicious cocktail without feeling guilty. So, if you're looking for a tasty and low-calorie cocktail recipe, the Skinny Peach Mango Mojitos is definitely worth trying.

7. Blue Raspberry Slushie

Blue Raspberry Slushie

The Blue Raspberry Slushie is a refreshing and easy-to-make cocktail that combines lemon-lime soda, Crystal Light, and ice to create a deliciously sweet and tangy drink. Perfect for an after-school snack or a hot summer day, this cocktail will have your taste buds dancing with joy.

Unlike the slushies you can get at fast-food restaurants, this cocktail is made with all-natural ingredients and is ready in just 5 minutes or less. So, if you're looking for a fun and tasty drink that your kids will love, give the Blue Raspberry Slushie a try!

8. Low Calorie Slushie

Low Calorie Slushie

Looking for a refreshing and low-calorie drink to beat the heat this summer? Look no further than the Low Calorie Slushie, made with just three simple ingredients. This easy-to-make slushie is perfect for those who want to cool off without consuming too many calories.

With only five calories per serving, this drink is a great option for anyone who wants to indulge in a tasty treat without feeling guilty. The recipe uses lemonade Crystal Light, but you can easily swap in your favorite flavor for a personalized twist. Whether you're enjoying it with your family or sipping it solo, the Low Calorie Slushie is sure to become a summer favorite.