13 Whiskey and Amaro Cocktails to Make You Sip Happier!

18 Whiskey And Amaro Cocktails To Make You Sip Happier!

Whiskey and Amaro are two of the most beloved spirits in the world of mixology.

They are both complex and flavorful, with distinct characteristics that make them a favorite of many bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. When combined, they create a drink that is rich, bold, and unforgettable.

Whiskey is a distilled spirit that is made from grains, such as corn, rye, or barley. It is aged in oak barrels, which gives it a distinct flavor and color.

Amaro, on the other hand, is a liqueur that is made by infusing herbs, roots, and other botanicals in alcohol. It is often used as a digestif, but it can also be used in cocktails to add depth and complexity.

The combination of whiskey and Amaro is a match made in heaven. The sweetness of the Amaro balances out the boldness of the whiskey, creating a drink that is both smooth and complex.

There are many different variations of this cocktail, each with its own unique flavor profile.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best Whiskey and Amaro Cocktail recipes. From classic cocktails to modern twists, we will take a deep dive into the world of whiskey and Amaro cocktails.

Whether you are a seasoned bartender or a cocktail enthusiast, there is something for everyone in this post. So sit back, pour yourself a drink, and get ready to discover some of the best whiskey and Amaro cocktails out there.

1. The Lucky Lucano Cocktail

The Lucky Lucano Cocktail

“The Lucky Lucano Cocktail” is a bold and boozy Italian Amaro cocktail that combines the robust flavor of bourbon with the rich and warm spice of Amaro Lucano. The addition of ripe plum juice adds a sweet fruity freshness to the cocktail, while a dash of fresh squeezed lemon adds a bright note that pulls the delicate citrus flavors of Amaro Lucano.

The cocktail is perfect for fans of classic old fashioned cocktails, as it packs a punch with its strong boozy undertones. Overall, “The Lucky Lucano Cocktail” is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique and flavorful Whiskey and Amaro cocktail.

2. Amaro Boulevard

Amaro Boulevard

The Amaro Boulevard is a twist on the classic Boulevardier cocktail, made with Rye Whiskey, Amaro Nonino, and Vermouth. The Amaro Nonino adds a touch of sweetness and bitterness, while the Rye Whiskey provides spice and heat.

The Italian or Spanish style vermouth adds weight to the drink, balancing out the bold flavors of the Nonino and Rye. It’s a must-try cocktail for whiskey lovers who enjoy a touch of bitterness in their drinks.

3. Bitter Heartbreak

Bitter Heartbreak

If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail, “Bitter Heartbreak” is a must-try. This Whiskey and Amaro cocktail is a combination of Cinnamon Heart Infused cocktail with Rye, Cynar, Grapefruit, and a luxurious foam from the egg white. The Cinnamon Hearts Simple Syrup Recipe adds a unique twist to the cocktail, making it perfect for the season of love.

The use of Cynar gives the cocktail a bitter taste, which is balanced out by the sweetness of the simple syrup and grapefruit juice. The Rye whiskey used in the cocktail complements the Cynar perfectly. The Cinnamon Heart Rim adds a nice touch to the cocktail, making it visually appealing. Overall, “Bitter Heartbreak” is a well-balanced cocktail that is perfect for those who love a bitter-sweet taste.

4. Witty Comeback

Witty Comeback

The Witty Comeback is a cocktail that will warm your soul with its rich and complex flavors. This whiskey and amaro cocktail is made with rye whiskey, Luxardo Maraschino, Averna Amaro, ginger simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and orange bitters. The combination of the spicy rye whiskey, the sweet and nutty Luxardo Maraschino, and the rich and bittersweet Averna Amaro creates a perfect balance of flavors.

The ginger simple syrup adds a subtle heat, while the fresh lemon juice and orange bitters provide a bright and citrusy finish. This cocktail is perfect for sipping on a cold winter night or as a sophisticated after-dinner drink. The Witty Comeback is a must-try for any whiskey and amaro lover looking for a complex and delicious cocktail.

5. The Black Manhattan Cocktail

The Black Manhattan Cocktail

The Black Manhattan Cocktail is a modern twist on the classic Manhattan, created by Todd Smith, a bartender at the Bourbon & Branch bar in San Francisco. This cocktail features a bittersweet Averna amaro replacing the sweet vermouth, giving it a unique and complex flavor profile. The addition of a second type of bitters adds depth and complexity to the drink.

Whether you prefer bourbon or rye, this cocktail is perfect for fall with its spicy notes and rich flavor. The Black Manhattan is a great way to branch out from your usual whiskey cocktail and impress your guests with a sophisticated and easy-to-make drink. Try it out and experience the perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavors in every sip.

6. Amaro Averna Cocktail

Amaro Averna Cocktail

The Amaro Averna Cocktail is a must-try for anyone who loves a well-balanced and complex drink. This cocktail combines the bitter-sweet flavors of Averna liqueur with the mellowness of bourbon, while subtle hints of chocolate, cherries, and orange add a touch of sophistication.

The Averna liqueur, made in Sicily, is infused with herbs, spices, citrus, and aromatic roots, giving it a unique and enticing flavor. This cocktail is perfect for sipping on a cold winter night, as it is both comforting and invigorating. If you’re looking for a new cocktail to try, the Amaro Averna Cocktail is definitely worth a shot.

7. Black Manhattan

Black Manhattan

The Black Manhattan is a modern twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail, swapping out sweet vermouth for an Italian amaro called Averna. This boozy cocktail is strong and complex, with notes of caramel and chocolate on the finish.

The addition of Luxardo cherry and bitters adds even more depth to the drink. Perfect for the adventurous home bartender, the Black Manhattan is a must-try for whiskey and amaro lovers.

8. Toronto Cocktail

Toronto Cocktail

The Toronto Cocktail is a sophisticated and complex whiskey-based drink that is perfect for those who enjoy bitter flavors. It is a modern twist on the classic Old Fashioned, featuring Fernet-Branca, an Italian bitter liqueur made with a mix of herbs and spices.

The Toronto Cocktail has a rich and earthy flavor that is balanced by the subtle bitterness of the Fernet-Branca. While it may not be for everyone, it is a great option for those who want to try something new and unique. So, if you’re looking for a cocktail that is sure to impress, give the Toronto Cocktail a try.

9. Paper Plane Cocktail

Paper Plane Cocktail

The Paper Plane Cocktail is a modern classic that is a must-try for all whiskey and amaro lovers. It features a perfect balance of bourbon, Aperol, and amaro, creating a magical synergy that is both bitter and sweet, tangy and smooth, all at once.

The name of the cocktail is inspired by the M.I.A song Paper Planes. If you’re looking for a unique and delicious whiskey and amaro cocktail, the Paper Plane Cocktail is definitely worth a try.

10. The Italian American

The Italian American

“The Italian American” is a delicious and well-rounded cocktail that combines the bold flavors of American bourbon with the bitter-sweet taste of Amaro Montenegro and Campari, two classic Italian bitter liqueurs. The addition of a splash of maple syrup and lemon juice adds a smooth and mellow touch to this robust bourbon amaro cocktail, making it a perfect after-dinner drink.

Amaro Montenegro liqueur, made from a blend of 40 botanicals including cinnamon, nutmeg, and oranges, gives this cocktail a complex balance of flavors with floral notes, herbs, spice, and citrus. This cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a bittersweet and warming drink. If you’re looking to try something new, “The Italian American” is definitely worth a try.

11. Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail that has stood the test of time. It’s a simple yet sophisticated drink that has been enjoyed for over a century. The combination of whiskey, bitters, and sugar creates a complex and flavorful drink that is perfect for sipping on a cozy night in or enjoying with friends at a bar.

The addition of amaro to the mix adds a unique twist to the classic recipe, making it a must-try for any whiskey lover. With its rich history and timeless appeal, the Old Fashioned is a cocktail that is sure to impress.

12. Grumpy Gingerbread Bourbon Cocktail

Grumpy Gingerbread Bourbon Cocktail

The Grumpy Gingerbread Bourbon Cocktail is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a cozy and sippable drink during the winter season. This cocktail is packed with the flavors of the season, including cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and star anise, which makes it an ideal choice for Christmas or any winter evening.

The cocktail is bracing yet eminently cozy, and its strength, balanced bitterness, and elegant demeanor elevate it from the realm of typical themed cocktails into something more sophisticated. The name of the cocktail is cute and has a hygge vibe, which makes it even more appealing. If you’re looking for a stiff drink for Christmas, the Grumpy Gingerbread Bourbon Cocktail is a must-try.

13. Brooklyn Cocktail

Brooklyn Cocktail

The Brooklyn Cocktail is a unique spin on the classic Manhattan cocktail. It features rye whiskey, dry vermouth, and Maraschino liqueur, which adds a touch of intrigue and rounds out the flavor. This sophisticated drink is perfect for impressing friends at a dinner party or cocktail hour.

While Maraschino liqueur may not be a common ingredient in most home bars, it’s worth seeking out for this drink and other classic cocktails. The Brooklyn Cocktail is a spirit-forward drink with a straight-forward, boozy flavor, making it great for sipping. If you’re a fan of the Manhattan, you absolutely must try this historic drink named after the Brooklyn neighborhood in New York City.