13 Jameson Winter Cocktails to Warm Your Soul

13 Best Jameson Winter Cocktails

Winter is upon us, and it's time to cozy up with a warm drink by the fireplace. As a bartender, I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to spice up my cocktail menu.

And when it comes to winter drinks, Jameson Irish Whiskey is a staple ingredient that never disappoints. Whether you're a whiskey enthusiast or just looking for a comforting drink to warm your soul, Jameson has got you covered.

The beauty of Jameson is that it's a versatile spirit that can be used in a variety of cocktails. Its smooth and rich flavor profile pairs well with a range of ingredients, from spicy ginger to sweet honey.

And during the winter months, there's nothing quite like a warm and cozy Jameson cocktail to lift your spirits and soothe your soul.

In this blog post, I'll be sharing some of the best Jameson winter cocktail recipes that I've come across.

These drinks are perfect for sipping on a cold winter's night, whether you're curled up with a book or hosting a festive gathering with friends. So grab a bottle of Jameson, your favorite mug, and let's get mixing!

1. Jameson Irish Whiskey Milk Cocktail

Jameson Irish Whiskey Milk Cocktail

The Jameson Irish Whiskey Milk Cocktail is a delicious and warming drink that is perfect for any time of year, but especially during the winter months. Made with Jameson Irish Whiskey, milk, honey, ginger, and cinnamon, this cocktail has a smooth and creamy texture with a hint of spice.

The addition of Bailey's Irish Cream adds a sweet and decadent flavor that complements the whiskey perfectly. Whether you're looking for a nightcap or a dessert drink, this cocktail is sure to satisfy. So why not try something new and add the Jameson Irish Whiskey Milk Cocktail to your list of winter favorites?

2. Jameson Old Fashioned

Jameson Old Fashioned

The Jameson Old Fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail that is perfect for the winter season. With just a few simple ingredients, this cocktail is easy to make and will warm you up from the inside out. The key to the perfect Old Fashioned is finding the right balance between sweetness and the bite of the whiskey.

This cocktail achieves that balance with a touch of agave nectar and the addition of bitters. The orange peel adds a touch of citrus that complements the whiskey perfectly. The cocktail is served over a large ice cube to ensure that it is cold but not watered down. If you're looking for a simple and delicious winter cocktail, the Jameson Old Fashioned is definitely worth a try.

3. Traditional Irish Coffee

Traditional Irish Coffee

If you're looking for a cozy and warming cocktail to enjoy during the winter season, look no further than the Traditional Irish Coffee. This classic cocktail features Jameson Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and heavy cream, creating a sweet and slightly boozy coffee drink that is perfect for sipping by the fire.

The whipped cream on top adds a decadent touch, making this cocktail feel like a special treat. Whether you're a whiskey lover or just looking for a new winter cocktail to try, the Traditional Irish Coffee is a must-try.

4. Jameson Irish Redhead Cocktail

Jameson Irish Redhead Cocktail

The Jameson Irish Redhead Cocktail is a bubbly and sweet drink with a smoky twist, making it a perfect winter cocktail. This cocktail is perfect for those who love a little bit of sweetness in their drinks. It's a great way to enjoy Irish whiskey, and the grenadine adds a fruity flavor that complements the whiskey perfectly.

The cocktail is served with a cherry and a slice of lime in an on the rocks glass, making it a visually appealing drink as well. Overall, the Jameson Irish Redhead Cocktail is a must-try for anyone who loves whiskey and wants to try something new this winter season.

5. Vanilla Whiskey Mule

Vanilla Whiskey Mule

The Vanilla Whiskey Mule is a winter twist on the classic Moscow Mule, made with Jameson whiskey, ginger ale, lemon, and a touch of vanilla syrup. The ginger ale adds a punch of ginger flavor that complements the caramel and fruit notes of the whiskey, while the lemon provides a citrusy note.

The vanilla syrup ties everything together and smooths out the whiskey burn, making it a perfect cocktail for a cozy night in by the fire. This easy-to-make cocktail is sure to impress your guests and warm you up on a chilly winter night.

6. Hot Chocolate Whiskey

Hot Chocolate Whiskey

The Hot Chocolate Whiskey cocktail is the perfect winter drink to warm you up from the inside out. This adult beverage is a delicious blend of Tennessee Whiskey, chocolate bitters, cocoa mix, heavy whipping cream, and chocolate syrup. The combination of flavors creates a rich and creamy taste that will soothe any bad day.

The garnish of crushed peppermints or whipped cream with cinnamon or chocolate shavings adds a nice touch to the cocktail. Although it is best served fresh and warm, any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for a day or two. If you're looking for a cozy and indulgent winter cocktail, the Hot Chocolate Whiskey is definitely worth a try.

7. Scailtin


If you're looking for a cozy and comforting winter cocktail, you might want to try the Scailtin. This Irish whiskey milk punch is a delicious and unique drink that will warm you up on a cold night. Made with Jameson whiskey, milk, honey, cinnamon, and ginger, this cocktail has a creamy and sweet taste with a hint of spice.

The history behind this drink is also fascinating, dating back to the 1700s and even receiving an exclusive rights grant from Queen Victoria in 1838. If you're a fan of hot toddies or milk punches, the Scailtin is definitely worth trying.

8. Jameson Whiskey Sour

Jameson Whiskey Sour

The Jameson Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail that has been around for centuries. It is a perfect winter cocktail that uses Jameson Irish whiskey, which gives a smooth flavor to the drink. The cocktail has a light and fruity flavor with hints of nutty and vanilla tones, making it a great option for those who prefer a mellow finish.

The recipe can be adjusted to increase the whiskey for a stronger flavor or to add an egg white for a frothy topping and creamy texture. The Jameson Whiskey Sour is a classy cocktail that can be enjoyed anytime, making it a must-try for whiskey lovers.

9. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a classic winter cocktail made with coffee, Jameson Irish Whiskey, sweetener, and whipped cream. It's perfect for warming up on a cold night and was invented by an Irish chef named Joe Sheridan in the 1940s.

While technically gluten-free, Jameson Whiskey may still cause sensitivity in some individuals. It's a delicious and cozy cocktail that is sure to give you a little kick.

10. Classic Irish Coffee

Classic Irish Coffee

Classic Irish Coffee is a warm and comforting cocktail made with bitter coffee, buttery Irish whiskey, and sweet whipped cream. It originated in Ireland in the 1950s and has become a classic cocktail worldwide. Jameson Irish whiskey is the most popular choice for this cocktail.

Homemade whipped cream is a must-have ingredient for the perfect recipe. It can be served in any glass, but it is most enjoyable in Irish coffee mugs. Classic Irish Coffee is a versatile cocktail that can be served for brunch, after dinner, or anytime in between.

11. The Irish Maid

The Irish Maid

Looking for a refreshing and sophisticated St. Patrick's Day cocktail that's perfect for sipping all night long? Look no further than "The Irish Maid." This cocktail combines Jameson Irish Whiskey with elderflower liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a honey simple syrup, all topped off with freshly sliced and muddled cucumber.

The result is a light and bright cocktail that's perfect for celebrating the holiday in style. Whether you're planning a party or just looking for a delicious drink to enjoy at home, "The Irish Maid" is sure to impress. So why not give it a try this St. Patrick's Day and raise a glass to the Emerald Isle?

12. Ginger Whiskey Mojito

Ginger Whiskey Mojito

The Ginger Whiskey Mojito is a refreshing twist on the classic mojito, with the addition of Irish whiskey and ginger beer. The mint and lime add a refreshing touch to the cocktail, making it perfect for spring and summer.

Even if you're not typically a whiskey drinker, this cocktail might just change your mind. It's perfect for St. Patrick's Day celebrations or any occasion where you want to impress your guests with a unique and delicious cocktail.

13. Classic Hot Toddy

Classic Hot Toddy

The Classic Hot Toddy is a timeless winter cocktail that is perfect for cold nights and gatherings. Made with whiskey, lemon juice, and a sweetener of your choice, this drink is a must-try for anyone who loves warm and comforting beverages.

The spices used in the cocktail, such as cinnamon and star anise, give it a unique and delicious flavor that will leave you feeling cozy and satisfied. Whether you're feeling under the weather or just need a warm drink to relax with, the Classic Hot Toddy is an excellent choice. So, grab your favorite mug and give this Jameson Winter Cocktail a try!