6 Hemingway Cocktails to Bring out Your Inner Writer

6 Best Hemingway Cocktails

Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century, was not only known for his literary masterpieces but also for his love of drinking.

Hemingway was a man of simple tastes, and his love for classic cocktails was no exception. He was a connoisseur of well-made drinks and often frequented bars in search of the perfect cocktail.

Hemingway's love of drinking is well documented, and he was known to have a drink in his hand at all times.

His love for cocktails was so great that he even created his own versions of classic drinks. These drinks were often strong and simple, just like Hemingway's writing.

Hemingway's cocktails are a reflection of his character. They are bold, uncomplicated, and full of flavor.

Hemingway believed that a good cocktail should be made with the best ingredients, mixed with precision, and served with style.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best Hemingway cocktail recipes. From the classic Daiquiri to the lesser-known Death in the Afternoon, we will delve into the history, ingredients, and techniques behind these iconic drinks.

So, grab a glass, and let's toast to Hemingway's love of drinking and his passion for classic cocktails.

1. The Hemingway Daiquiri

The Hemingway Daiquiri

The Hemingway Daiquiri is a classic cocktail that is sure to transport you to the exotic streets of Cuba. This bright and citrusy drink is made with white rum, fresh citrus juices, and a touch of Luxardo, a maraschino liqueur. Unlike the overly sweet daiquiris, this cocktail is to the point with a touch of sweetness and a clean finish.

It's a perfect drink for those who appreciate the sophistication of cocktails and want to experience a taste of a bygone era. The Hemingway Daiquiri is a classic cocktail that is sure to impress your guests and leave them wanting more. So, if you're looking for a drink that's fresh, not too sweet, and packs a punch, give the Hemingway Daiquiri a try.

2. Hemingway Grapefruit Martini

Hemingway Grapefruit Martini

The Hemingway Grapefruit Martini is a refreshing and easy-to-drink cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. Made with Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka, this pink concoction is aromatic and has a hint of bitterness from the Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur. The addition of lime adds a tangy flavor to the drink, making it a perfect choice for those who like their cocktails with a bit of zing.

This cocktail is named after the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, who was known for his love of daiquiris. While the Hemingway Grapefruit Martini may not be a daiquiri, it is a delicious and easy-to-make cocktail that is sure to impress your guests. So, if you're looking for a refreshing and easy-to-drink cocktail, the Hemingway Grapefruit Martini is definitely worth a try.

3. Hemingway Daiquiri

Hemingway Daiquiri

The Hemingway Daiquiri, also known as Papa Doble, is a classic cocktail that was perfected to suit Ernest Hemingway's personal taste. This icy cold, citrusy, and slightly sweet drink is made with rum, lime, grapefruit juice, and Maraschino liqueur. Hemingway hated sugary drinks, which is why this version of the daiquiri has grapefruit juice in place of sugar.

The Maraschino liqueur is a personal touch that adds a dry cherry flavor to the drink. It's said that Hemingway and his drinking buddy once downed 17 double daiquiris in a matter of hours without getting a hangover. This cocktail is a must-try for anyone who loves a refreshing drink with a bit of history and literary flair.

4. Classic Hemingway Daiquiri

Classic Hemingway Daiquiri

The Classic Hemingway Daiquiri is a refreshing and complex cocktail that pays homage to the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. This spin on the Classic Daiquiri is a perfect balance of tart grapefruit and lime, with a hint of sour cherry and almond from the maraschino liqueur.

The Hemingway Daiquiri is a sophisticated cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. It's a must-try for those who love sour cocktails and are looking for something new and adventurous to add to their collection.

5. Death in the Afternoon

Death In The Afternoon

If you're looking for a unique and intriguing cocktail to impress your guests, look no further than the Death in the Afternoon. Invented by the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway, this cocktail combines the distinct flavors of absinthe and champagne to create a bubbly and opalescent drink with a black licorice finish.

The cocktail's cloudy color adds to its allure, and it's perfect for sipping as a nightcap or serving to a crowd. While absinthe may have a controversial past, it's perfectly safe to consume in moderation and adds a unique twist to classic cocktails. So why not try the Death in the Afternoon and experience the magic of Hemingway's favorite cocktail?

6. Daiquiri


The Daiquiri is a classic cocktail made with light rum, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. It's light, refreshing, and perfectly balanced, making it an ideal choice for a hot day. The cocktail has a fascinating history, with the British Navy playing a role in the addition of lime juice to rum rations to prevent scurvy.

The Hemingway Daiquiri is a variation of the classic recipe made famous by the author's love for the cocktail during his time in Havana. It's a must-try for anyone looking to experience a classic rum-based drink with a fascinating history.