26 Fruit Cake Recipes: A Sweet Slice of Deliciousness!

26 Best Fruit Cake Recipes

Welcome to our blog, where we're diving into the world of fruit cakes! Whether you love them or hate them, there's no denying that fruit cakes are a timeless classic. Today, we're going to explore the best fruit cake recipes out there that will make you fall in love with this delicious treat all over again.

From rich and moist cakes packed with dried fruits to lighter options bursting with fresh flavors, we've got something for everyone. So grab your apron and let's get baking!

1. Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

This fruit cake recipe is a delightful holiday treat that will change your perception of fruit cake. Made with a moist brown sugar bread base, it is filled with a variety of mix-ins such as dates, dried pineapple, raisins, and cherries. The flavors are further enhanced by soaking the fruits in your favorite liquor.

The result is a delicious cake with caramelized brown sugar, zesty citrus, and rich fruit flavors. This rustic recipe is bursting with flavor and is easily customizable. It's a perfect way to spread holiday cheer and indulge in a classic dessert.

2. Everyday Fruit Cake

Everyday Fruit Cake

The Everyday Fruit Cake is a simple and delicious recipe that is perfect for everyday eating. It is made with a variety of dried fruits, nuts, and cherries, with the option to add a spoonful of jam for extra flavor. The all-in-one method makes it quick and easy to prepare, and the cake turns out moist and flavorful.

It can be made gluten-free and vegan with a few simple substitutions. This cake is great for holidays and travels well, making it a convenient choice. Overall, the Everyday Fruit Cake is a tasty and versatile option for fruit cake lovers.

3. Super Moist Fruit Cake

Super Moist Fruit Cake

The Super Moist Fruit Cake recipe is a simple and easy method for making a traditional fruit cake. The dried fruits are boiled in liquid, resulting in a soft and plumpy texture that makes the cake deliciously moist.

No special equipment is needed, just a saucepan and wooden spoon. The cake is best served the next day to allow the flavors to develop. Overall, this recipe is a great option for those looking for a moist and flavorful fruit cake.

4. Fresh Fruit Cake

Fresh Fruit Cake

The Fresh Fruit Cake is a delightful and visually stunning dessert that showcases the natural sweetness and vibrant colors of seasonal fruit. Made with layers of soft sponge cake and fluffy whipped cream, this cake is reminiscent of the Asian fruit cakes found in popular bakeries.

It's the perfect choice for any occasion, and the simple yet elegant decoration allows the fruit to take center stage. With a refreshing taste and beautiful presentation, the Fresh Fruit Cake is a must-try recipe for fruit lovers.

5. World's Best Fruit Cake

World's Best Fruit Cake

The World's Best Fruit Cake recipe is a game-changer for anyone who dislikes traditional fruit cakes. Made with real, wholesome ingredients, this cake is moist and bursting with flavor.

The rum-soaked dried fruit, citrus zest, and candied ginger add a delightful twist to this classic dessert. Soak it in sherry or triple sec for a week for the best flavor. This recipe is a must-try for fruit cake skeptics.

6. Passion Fruit Cake

Passion Fruit Cake

The Passion Fruit Cake is a tropical delight that transports your taste buds to the islands. Moist and tangy, it resembles a lemon loaf cake with a tropical twist. The recipe is easy to follow and uses fresh passion fruit for a burst of flavor.

It can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a dessert, and the optional glaze adds an extra touch of passion fruit goodness. A must-try for fruit cake lovers looking for a unique and refreshing twist.

7. Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake

The 3 Ingredient Christmas Cake is a famous and award-winning fruit cake recipe that is incredibly easy to make. It requires just mixed fruit, iced coffee, and self-raising flour. The cake can be made gluten-free and can be customized with extra spices or nuts.

It can also be made vegan by using soy-based flavored milk. The cake can be covered with traditional royal icing and can be frozen for up to 3 months. Overall, this recipe offers a simple and delicious option for a festive fruit cake.

8. Dried Fruits Cake

Dried Fruits Cake

The Dried Fruits Cake is a soft and buttery cake made using a variety of dried fruits and nuts. It is a perfect snack-sized cake that is super fluffy and fragrant. The addition of oil instead of butter creates a moist texture, and the use of milk powder adds to its delicious taste.

This cake is typically baked during the Christmas season and makes for a great gift idea. Overall, the Dried Fruits Cake is a delightful treat that is perfect for any occasion.

9. Fruitcake Loaf Cake

Fruitcake Loaf Cake

The Fruitcake Loaf Cake is a delicious and budget-friendly alternative to traditional large fruitcakes. Made with a rich cream cheese batter and a mix of cherries, raisins, and mixed fruit, this recipe is perfect for smaller families or as a thoughtful holiday gift.

Unlike other fruitcakes, this loaf cake does not require weeks of aging or alcohol soaking, making it a flexible option that can be made just a few days before serving. The cake is moist, flavorful, and can be enjoyed fresh or frozen for later. Overall, the Fruitcake Loaf Cake offers a simple and tasty twist on a classic holiday treat.

10. Freda's Apple & Fruit Loaf

Freda's Apple & Fruit Loaf

Freda's Apple & Fruit Loaf is a delightful and moist fruit cake that is perfect for using up fallen apples. It is a popular and easy-to-make recipe, loved by many. The cake does not contain eggs, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

It can be customized with additions like cinnamon or cranberries. Serving the loaf with butter and cheese creates a unique and delicious combination. Overall, Freda's Apple & Fruit Loaf is a must-try recipe for fruit cake lovers.

11. Polish Fruit Cake

Polish Fruit Cake

The Polish Fruit Cake is a delightful dessert that is both soft and moist. Made with a simple batter and a variety of fruits, such as plums, apples, and strawberries, this cake offers a burst of flavors in every bite.

The crumble topping adds a nice texture and complements the sweetness of the fruits. Whether served warm with ice cream and whipped cream or enjoyed cold, this cake is sure to please any fruit cake lover.

12. Chocolate Passion Fruit Entremet Cake

Chocolate Passion Fruit Entremet Cake

The Chocolate Passion Fruit Entremet Cake is a vegan and gluten-free dessert that combines the rich flavors of chocolate and tangy passion fruit. The cake consists of layers of moist chocolate cake, creamy chocolate mousse, and refreshing passion fruit mousse.

Topped with fresh passion fruit, chocolate shards, and flowers, this cake is not only visually appealing but also a delightful treat for fruit cake lovers.

13. Peaches and Cream Cake

Peaches And Cream Cake

Peaches and Cream Cake is a delightful fruit cake recipe that combines chunks of peaches with a creamy and sweet batter. The batter is runny, resulting in a moist and tender cake.

It can be made with fresh, canned, or frozen peaches. The cake is best enjoyed chilled after cooling completely. Overall, Peaches and Cream Cake is a simple and delicious dessert option for peach lovers.

14. Brandy-Aged Fruitcake

Brandy-Aged Fruitcake

Brandy-Aged Fruitcake is a rich and delicious treat that is perfect for the holiday season. The use of brandy not only adds flavor, but also acts as a preservative, allowing the cake to be enjoyed for several months.

The recipe calls for high-quality dried fruits and nuts, along with brown sugar for a darker, more flavorful cake. This traditional fruitcake is best made at least 4 weeks in advance to allow for aging. Whether served plain or adorned with marzipan and fondant, this fruitcake is sure to impress.

15. Christmas Apricot and Walnut Fruitcake

Christmas Apricot And Walnut Fruitcake

Christmas Apricot and Walnut Fruitcake is a delightful twist on the traditional fruitcake. This recipe is alcohol-free and packed with a combination of candied and dried fruit, as well as walnuts.

The cake is moist and rich, thanks to the inclusion of dried and candied fruits. It is simple to make and doesn't require constant monitoring in the oven. This fruitcake is a perfect addition to your Christmas traditions.

16. Light Fruit Cake Loaf

Light Fruit Cake Loaf

The Light Fruit Cake Loaf is a delightful and versatile fruit cake recipe that is perfect for any occasion.

It is a lighter and more moist alternative to traditional fruit cakes, with a wonderful blend of dried fruits and a hint of sweetness. Easy to make and store, this fruit cake loaf is a crowd-pleaser that pairs perfectly with a cup of tea.

17. Old English Dark Fruit Cake

Old English Dark Fruit Cake

The Old English Dark Fruit Cake is a traditional, dense, and moist fruitcake that is packed with sweet glacé fruit and plenty of spices. It is a Christmas tradition in the chef's family and can be made in advance. The cake is made with a variety of dried fruits, such as prunes, raisins, and currants, along with brown sugar, molasses, and candied citrus peel.

It is also flavored with cocoa and ground nuts, giving it a rich and indulgent taste. The cake can be decorated with additional pecans and cherries, and can be soaked in rum or whiskey for added flavor. Overall, this Old English Dark Fruit Cake is a festive and flavorful treat that is perfect for the holiday season.

18. Apricot Cake

Apricot Cake

Apricot Cake is a moist and flavorful dessert made with juicy apricots layered inside a buttery cake. It is quick and easy to make, using simple ingredients.

This cake can be enjoyed warm or cold, making it a versatile treat for any time of the year. With its sponge-like texture and burst of apricot flavor, this recipe is a must-try for fruit cake lovers.

19. Lemon Raspberry Cake

Lemon Raspberry Cake

The Lemon Raspberry Cake is a delightful combination of moist lemon cake and fruity raspberry buttercream. The lemon flavor is prominent, with the cake soaked in a lemon syrup for an extra burst of tanginess. The raspberry buttercream adds a sweet and fruity touch to the overall taste.

It's a refreshing and light option for those who prefer a break from rich and chocolatey desserts. The recipe can be easily adjusted to make multiple layers or a smaller cake. Overall, this cake is a delicious treat for Spring and Summer.

20. Amaretto Christmas Cake

Amaretto Christmas Cake

The Amaretto Christmas Cake is a rich and moist fruit cake soaked in Amaretto liqueur. It is packed with a variety of dried fruits, including figs, prunes or dates, raisins, sultanas, glace cherries, and crystallised ginger.

The addition of grated orange and lemon zest, along with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, adds a festive touch to the cake. It can be enjoyed as is or decorated with a fruit and nut topping. Overall, this recipe is a delightful choice for a Christmas celebration.

21. Orange Brandy Fruitcake

Orange Brandy Fruitcake

The Orange Brandy Fruitcake is a citrus-infused fruitcake that is sure to be the star of your Christmas baking. Made with a rich cream cheese batter and soaked in orange brandy, this cake is incredibly moist and bursting with flavor.

The addition of finely minced citrus zest and mixed candied fruit adds a festive touch. It's a must-try recipe that will have everyone asking for seconds.

22. Patriotic Berry Cake

Patriotic Berry Cake

The Patriotic Berry Cake is a delightful summer dessert consisting of three layers of white cake filled with blueberry and strawberry fillings. The light and fluffy homemade whipped cream frosting adds the perfect touch to this fruity treat.

Garnished with fresh blueberries and strawberries, this cake is a refreshing and visually appealing option for any patriotic occasion. Store it in the refrigerator to maintain the freshness of the whipped cream and fruit.

23. Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Cake

The Easy Vanilla Cake recipe is a classic and simple option for those looking to bake a delicious fruit cake. With basic ingredients easily found in any supermarket, this recipe is perfect for beginners or those who want a quick and achievable dessert.

The cake is slightly denser than other versions, making it sturdy and ideal for shaping into special birthday numbers. It can also be easily adapted by adding citrus zest, coffee, or fresh berries. Overall, this Easy Vanilla Cake recipe is a reliable choice for a tasty fruit cake.

24. Passionfruit Cake

Passionfruit Cake

The Passionfruit Cake is a delightful combination of vanilla cake, homemade passionfruit curd, and white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. The tartness of the passionfruit curd perfectly complements the rich vanilla cake, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

This cake is a celebration in itself and would be a great choice for a passionfruit-themed birthday cake. With the option to use fresh or frozen passionfruit, this recipe is accessible to all. Overall, the Passionfruit Cake is a must-try for anyone looking to indulge in a fruity and decadent dessert.

25. Fruit Bread

Fruit Bread

The Fruit Bread recipe is a delightful option for those looking for a tasty and easy-to-make fruit cake. It requires minimal ingredients and does not require kneading or the use of any equipment. The bread turns out soft in texture with a golden brown shine on top.

The addition of spices like cinnamon and cardamom adds a pleasant aroma to the bread. The recipe allows for flexibility in choosing preferred dry fruits, and the resulting fruit bread is filled with plump and juicy bits of fruit. Overall, this Fruit Bread recipe is a delicious option for making a flavorful and moist fruit cake.

26. Sultana Cake

Sultana Cake

The Sultana Cake is a light and moist fruit cake that is incredibly easy to make, making it perfect for kids to try. It is packed with sultanas, giving it a delicious fruity flavor.

This recipe requires basic ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs, and self-raising flour. The cake is baked until golden brown and can be enjoyed as a snack or for afternoon tea. Overall, the Sultana Cake is a simple and tasty option for fruit cake lovers.