8 English Cocktails You MUST Try Before High Tea!

8 Best English Cocktails

English cocktails are some of the most sophisticated and elegant drinks served in bars around the world. They are characterized by their unique blend of flavors, which make them a favorite of cocktail enthusiasts.

The history of English cocktails dates back to the Victorian era, where the upper class would gather for social gatherings and enjoy a drink or two.

The English culture is known for its love of tea, and this is reflected in their cocktail recipes. Popular ingredients in English cocktails include gin, tea, and citrus fruits.

The use of fresh herbs and spices also adds a unique twist to these drinks, making them stand out from other cocktails.

One of the most popular English cocktails is the Gin and Tonic. This drink is a staple in British bars and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Gin and Tonic is made by mixing gin with tonic water and adding a slice of lime. It is a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed on a hot summer day or as an aperitif before a meal.

Another classic English cocktail is the Pimm's Cup. This drink is made by mixing Pimm's No. 1 with lemonade, ginger ale, and fresh fruit.

It is a light and fruity drink that is perfect for sipping on a warm afternoon. The Pimm's Cup is a popular drink at Wimbledon and other major sporting events in the UK.

English cocktails are not just limited to gin-based drinks. The Dark and Stormy is a popular rum-based cocktail that originated in Bermuda but has become a favorite in England.

It is made by mixing dark rum with ginger beer and lime juice. The combination of sweet and spicy flavors makes the Dark and Stormy a perfect drink for a cold winter evening.

In conclusion, English cocktails are some of the most delicious and refreshing drinks you can enjoy. They are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a social gathering or a night out with friends.

The use of fresh ingredients and unique flavors makes these cocktails stand out from other drinks. So why not try some of these classic English cocktails and experience the taste of sophistication?

1. The Queen's Dubonnet Cocktail

The Queen's Dubonnet Cocktail

"The Queen's Dubonnet Cocktail" is a classic English cocktail that is said to be Queen Elizabeth II's favorite. It is a simple yet elegant cocktail made with Dubonnet, a sweet fortified wine aperitif, and gin. The cocktail is stirred and strained with a lemon wedge and ice cubes.

Dubonnet adds a touch of sweetness and herbal flavor to the cocktail, while gin gives it a smooth bitterness. It is a perfect pre-meal sipper and a great addition to any English-themed party. If you are a fan of The Crown or any other English dramas, this cocktail is a must-try.

2. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

If you're looking for a unique and refreshing cocktail, the Earl Grey Tea Cocktail is a must-try. Made with gin, lavender, lemon, and of course, Earl Grey tea, this libation is perfect for those who want to try something new. The combination of the gin and tea creates a complex and delicious flavor, while the lavender and lemon add a refreshing twist.

The honey simple syrup lightly sweetens the drink, making it a perfect balance of flavors. This cocktail is perfect for tea lovers who want to try something different, or for those who want to add a little caffeine boost to their drink. So, if you're looking for a new and exciting cocktail to try, give the Earl Grey Tea Cocktail a chance.

3. Pimm's Cup

Pimm's Cup

Pimm's Cup is a refreshing and light English cocktail made with gin and herb-based liquor, mixed with lemon soda, ginger ale, or club soda.

It is garnished with fruits such as strawberries, oranges, and cucumbers, as well as a sprig of mint. Perfect for sipping by the pool or enjoying at a garden party, this fruity punch can sneak up on you, so be careful!

4. Twinkle Cocktail

Twinkle Cocktail

The Twinkle Cocktail is a refreshing and light drink that combines the flavors of Elderflower and gin, topped off with English sparkling wine. It's a perfect sundowner before dinner and uses only three ingredients, making it easy to make.

The Belvoir Elderflower Cordial adds a sweet and floral taste to the cocktail. Try it with Sipsmith London Dry Gin or Silent Pool Signature Gin and either Rathfinny or Nyetimber for the sparkling wine.

5. Pimm's


Pimm's is a refreshing gin-based cocktail that is a quintessential summer drink in England. It is made with Pimm's No. 1, which has a unique blend of herbal botanicals and delicate spices, mixed with lemonade and garnished with sliced cucumber, strawberry, and a sprig of mint.

Pimm's is traditionally served in a tall glass, but can also be enjoyed in a mason jar for a more casual feel. This cocktail is perfect for outdoor gatherings and is a favorite among girlfriends. Although it may sneak up on you, it is definitely worth trying for its unique taste and refreshing qualities.

6. Corpse Reviver Cocktail

Corpse Reviver Cocktail

The Corpse Reviver Cocktail is a classic Halloween drink that is perfect for those who love a strong and refreshing sipper. Made with four different liquors, this cocktail is easy to mix up and will revitalize you after a long night of drinking. It has a citrusy and herbal flavor that is highlighted by a spritz of absinthe.

This elegant and potent cocktail is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a happy hour drink, dinner party drink, or signature cocktail. If you're looking for a unique and delicious English cocktail to try, the Corpse Reviver should definitely be on your list.

7. Low Carb Bramble Cocktail

Low Carb Bramble Cocktail

The Low Carb Bramble Cocktail is a unique twist on the classic English cocktail, made with fresh thyme and a homemade blackberry liqueur that is sugar-free and keto-friendly. This cocktail is perfect for those who are looking for a low-carb option without sacrificing flavor. The addition of thyme adds a subtle woody flavor that complements the other ingredients perfectly.

The cocktail is served over crushed ice and garnished with fresh blackberries, lemon slices, and a sprig of thyme, making it a visually appealing drink as well. If you're a fan of gin cocktails and looking for a low-carb option, the Low Carb Bramble Cocktail is definitely worth trying.

8. Prawn Cocktail

Prawn Cocktail

Prawn Cocktail is a classic English cocktail that has seen a resurgence in recent years. This appetizer or starter is made with cooked king prawns, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and a Marie Rose sauce made with mayonnaise, ketchup, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and paprika or cayenne pepper.

It is often served in a tall glass with avocado, tomato, and lettuce, dressed with the sauce. The dish is easy to make and requires little prep time, making it a great option for entertaining guests. Prawn Cocktail is perfect for special occasions such as Christmas or as a light dinner. The cocktail is a nutritious and delicious appetizer that is sure to impress your guests.