12 Bulleit Bourbon Cocktails to Shake up Your Happy Hour!

13 Bulleit Bourbon Cocktails To Shake Up Your Happy Hour!

Bulleit Bourbon is a popular choice among whiskey enthusiasts for its bold flavor and smooth finish. It's a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat or in a variety of cocktails. As a bartender, I've had the opportunity to experiment with different Bulleit Bourbon Cocktail recipes, and I can confidently say that this spirit can hold its own in any mixed drink.

One of the reasons why Bulleit Bourbon is so popular is because of its unique flavor profile. It has a high rye content, which gives it a spicy kick that sets it apart from other bourbons. This makes it a great base for cocktails that require a little bit of heat, such as a Manhattan or a Boulevardier. But don't be fooled by its spiciness – Bulleit Bourbon also has a smoothness that makes it a great choice for cocktails that require a more mellow flavor, such as an Old Fashioned or a Mint Julep.

Another great thing about Bulleit Bourbon is that it's easy to find. It's a widely available spirit, so you don't have to go searching for it at specialty liquor stores. You can find it at most bars and restaurants, which means that you can enjoy a Bulleit Bourbon Cocktail almost anywhere.

In this blog post, I'm going to share some of the best Bulleit Bourbon Cocktail recipes that I've come across in my years as a bartender. These recipes are easy to make and require only a few ingredients, so you can enjoy a delicious cocktail in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a seasoned whiskey drinker or a newcomer to the world of cocktails, these recipes are sure to impress. So grab a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon and get ready to mix up some tasty drinks!

1. Bulleit Bourbon Orange Crush

Bulleit Bourbon Orange Crush

The Bulleit Bourbon Orange Crush is a refreshing and delicious take on the classic Maryland beach drink. Made with Bulleit bourbon, Triple Sec, and freshly squeezed orange juice, this cocktail is perfect for those who love a strong drink with a citrusy twist. The absence of lemon-lime soda in this recipe allows the bourbon to shine, making it a great choice for bourbon lovers. This cocktail is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day, and its unique flavor is sure to impress your guests. Whether you're a fan of bourbon or just looking for a new cocktail to try, the Bulleit Bourbon Orange Crush is definitely worth a taste.

2. Whiskey Sour Cocktail

Whiskey Sour Cocktail

The Whiskey Sour Cocktail is a classic American cocktail that has been enjoyed for over a century. It is a perfect blend of Bulleit Bourbon, citrus, and sugar, with a dash of angostura bitters. The high rye content of Bulleit Bourbon gives this cocktail a dark color with aromas of toasted oak, vanilla, and dried fruit. The addition of egg white creates a smoother drink that is perfect for sipping. This cocktail is a must-try for anyone who loves the taste of bourbon and enjoys classic cocktails. So, if you want to experience a taste of history and enjoy a delicious cocktail, try the Whiskey Sour made with Bulleit Bourbon.

3. The Revolver

The Revolver

"The Revolver" is a sophisticated and grown-up cocktail that perfectly blends the flavors of coffee liqueur, orange bitters, and Bulleit Bourbon. Originally introduced by San Francisco bartender Jon Santer, this cocktail is perfect for slow evenings by the fire during the winter months. While the recipe calls for rye whiskey, the sweetness of Bulleit Bourbon makes it an excellent substitute. The orange bitters and oil from an orange peel add a bright and refreshing touch to the drink. If you're a bourbon lover looking for a new cocktail to try, "The Revolver" is definitely worth a shot.

4. Bourbon Holiday Cocktail

Bourbon Holiday Cocktail

The Bourbon Holiday Cocktail is a perfect addition to any holiday gathering. This fruity cocktail is a great way to introduce non-bourbon drinkers to the rich flavor of Bulleit Bourbon. The cocktail is made with orange juice, pomegranate juice, honey, and orange soda water, creating a beautiful deep red color. The honey simple syrup adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the bourbon. The garnish of pomegranate seeds, orange slices, and rosemary adds a festive touch to the cocktail. This cocktail is not only delicious but also visually stunning, making it a great addition to any holiday party.

5. Honey Bear Bourbon Cocktail

Honey Bear Bourbon Cocktail

The Honey Bear Bourbon Cocktail with Citrus-Sage Syrup is a perfect drink for chilly autumn days. The recipe includes a homemade syrup made of raw sugar, honey, sage leaves, and slices of orange. The syrup is the key to this cocktail, and it takes a little time to prepare, but it is worth it. The result is a deliciously layered drink with bright apple flavors and sweet herbal notes. The Honey Bear Bourbon Cocktail is an excellent choice for anyone who loves bourbon and wants to enjoy a warm and flavorful drink during the fall season.

6. Revolver Cocktail

Revolver Cocktail

The Revolver Cocktail is a modern twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail, featuring Bulleit Bourbon and Tia Maria coffee liqueur instead of sweet vermouth. The result is a rich and complex drink with notes of vanilla, oak, and bittersweet coffee. The addition of a flamed orange peel adds a touch of drama and a beautiful burnt orange aroma. This sophisticated cocktail is perfect for sipping on a special occasion or impressing your guests with its unique flavors. If you're a fan of bourbon and coffee, the Revolver Cocktail is a must-try.

7. Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail

Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail

Looking for a refreshing and boozy summer cocktail? Look no further than the Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail. This cocktail combines the rich and complex flavors of bourbon with the familiar taste of sweet tea. The honey simple syrup and aromatic bitters add a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness to the drink, while the Owl's Brew Pink & Black tea cocktail mixer adds a unique and delicious twist. Served over cracked ice and garnished with a slice of lemon and fresh mint leaves, this cocktail is both rustic and sophisticated. Perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or serving at a Kentucky Derby party, the Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail is sure to impress.

8. Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

The Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail is a perfect fall drink that combines the flavors of sweet apple cider, cinnamon, and ginger with the smooth taste of American Bourbon. This cocktail is a crowd-pleaser and is easy to make. The cinnamon simple syrup adds a delicious twist to the drink and can also be used in other beverages. This cocktail is perfect for cozy fall evenings around a bonfire or for a gathering with friends. If you're a fan of Bulleit Bourbon, this cocktail is definitely worth trying out.

9. Blackberry Old Fashioned

Blackberry Old Fashioned

The Blackberry Old Fashioned is a twist on the classic cocktail recipe that combines the rich, smooth flavor of Bulleit Bourbon with fresh summer blackberries. This cocktail is perfect for those who love a strong drink with a fruity twist. The blackberry syrup adds a touch of sweetness to the drink, while the orange peel garnish adds a citrusy aroma that perfectly complements the bourbon. The best part? This cocktail is easy to make and doesn't require any complicated ingredients or equipment. If you're looking for a unique and delicious way to enjoy your Bulleit Bourbon, the Blackberry Old Fashioned is definitely worth a try.

10. Maple Hot Toddy With Bourbon

Maple Hot Toddy With Bourbon

Looking for a cozy and delicious way to warm up on a cold day? Look no further than the Maple Hot Toddy with Bourbon! This cocktail combines the classic hot toddy with the sweetness of maple syrup and the warm spice of black walnut bitters. The addition of fresh orange juice adds a zesty twist to this winter drink, making it the perfect sip to enjoy after a day of ice skating or shoveling snow. If you're a fan of bourbon, this cocktail is sure to become a new favorite. So why not give it a try and see for yourself how delicious and comforting this cocktail can be?

11. Cranberry Orange Bourbon Cocktail

Cranberry Orange Bourbon Cocktail

The Cranberry Orange Bourbon Cocktail is a festive and flavorful drink perfect for winter and the holiday season. The combination of tart cranberry juice, sweet orange juice, and vanilla notes in the bourbon creates a delicious and uncomplicated cocktail that is sure to impress. The addition of fresh cranberries and rosemary sprig not only adds a beautiful garnish but also enhances the aroma of the drink. It's a must-try for bourbon lovers looking for a simple yet delicious cocktail.

12. Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

The Blackberry Bourbon Smash is a delicious and easy-to-make cocktail that is perfect for any occasion. Made with fresh blackberries, mint, honey, lemon juice, and Bulleit Bourbon, this cocktail is packed with flavor and has a beautiful dark color that is reminiscent of Halloween. Topped off with ginger beer and garnished with mint, this cocktail is both refreshing and satisfying. The addition of a lime sugar rim adds a fun and sweet touch to the drink. Overall, the Blackberry Bourbon Smash is a must-try cocktail for anyone who loves a good bourbon drink.