12 Botanist Gin Cocktails to Give You a Botanical Buzz

12 Best Botanist Gin Cocktails

As a bartender, I have always been fascinated by the art of mixology. The endless possibilities of combining different flavors and ingredients to create a perfectly balanced cocktail never cease to amaze me.

And when it comes to gin, there is a whole world of botanicals to explore.

Botanist Gin is a premium gin that is distilled on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. What sets it apart from other gins is its unique blend of 22 hand-foraged botanicals, which include wild Islay juniper, coriander seed, and lemon balm.

This complex and aromatic gin is perfect for creating cocktails that are both refreshing and sophisticated.

Whether you are a gin lover or a cocktail enthusiast, the Botanist Gin Cocktail recipes are sure to impress. From classic cocktails like the Martini and the Negroni to more modern creations like the Elderflower Collins and the Garden Gimlet, there is something for everyone.

So, let's take a closer look at some of the best Botanist Gin Cocktail recipes and discover the amazing flavors that this gin has to offer.

1. Spring Loaded Cocktail

Spring Loaded Cocktail

The Spring Loaded Cocktail is a perfect drink to welcome the spring season. Made with The Botanist Gin, this cocktail is a combination of 22 botanicals hand foraged locally and sustainably on the Isle of Islay in Scotland.

The gin's unique taste is complemented by fresh and bright ingredients, making it an incredibly smooth and refreshing drink. This cocktail is easy to make and perfect for any occasion. If you're looking for a drink that will make you feel like spring has officially arrived, then the Spring Loaded Cocktail is definitely worth a try.

2. The Botanist Gin Cocktail

The Botanist Gin Cocktail

The Botanist Gin Cocktail is a refreshing and perfectly balanced drink that celebrates the flavors of summer. Made with Beehive Jack Rabbit Gin, this cocktail boasts of botanical flavors that are further enhanced with the addition of fresh mint and lemon.

A touch of simple syrup and a splash of St. Germain perfectly compliment the natural flavor of the gin and make this cocktail a must-try for gin lovers. The Botanist Gin Cocktail is a perfect finale to a long summer and is sure to impress your guests with its herbal and balanced taste.

3. Tangerine Gimlet

Tangerine Gimlet

The Tangerine Gimlet is a refreshing and citrusy gin cocktail that perfectly highlights the sweet notes of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin. This London Dry style gin is distilled with 22 hand-foraged botanicals from the Isle of Islay, giving it a unique and complex flavor profile.

The cocktail combines freshly squeezed tangerine juice and lime clementine cordial with the gin, resulting in a bright and sunny drink that tastes like summer in a glass. The Tangerine Gimlet is a perfect choice for those who love a sweet and tangy cocktail with a hint of herbal freshness. So, if you're looking for a unique and delicious gin cocktail to try, the Tangerine Gimlet is definitely worth a taste.

4. The Botanist Gin Gimlet

The Botanist Gin Gimlet

The Botanist Gin Gimlet is a bright and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for gin lovers. Made with Botanist Gin, this cocktail has a unique twist with the addition of cinnamon, which adds a subtle warmth to the drink.

The Botanist Gin, with its unique blend of 22 botanicals sourced from Islay, gives this cocktail a citrusy and minty flavor that is perfect for those who don't enjoy juniper-forward gins. This cocktail is a classic gimlet recipe with a twist, making it a perfect addition to any cocktail menu. If you're a gin lover looking for something new and exciting, The Botanist Gin Gimlet is a must-try!

5. Tarragon Gin and Tonics

Tarragon Gin And Tonics

The Tarragon Gin and Tonics is a refreshing twist on the classic gin and tonic, infused with a fresh tarragon syrup and The Botanist Gin's 22 botanicals.

The addition of quinine and celery bitters sharpens the flavors and adds a vegetal twist. This cocktail is perfect for springtime entertaining and is sure to impress your guests with its unique flavor profile.

6. Rosemary Martini

Rosemary Martini

The Rosemary Martini is a beautiful and elegant cocktail that highlights the 22 foraged botanicals in The Botanist Islay Dry Gin. The addition of rosemary syrup and a couple dashes of orange bitters to the classic combination of gin and dry vermouth makes for a more approachable sipper. The smoked rosemary garnish adds a fantastic campfire nose-flavour that adds complexity to the finished product and references the syrup and unique botanical blend of The Botanist.

This is one garnish that we highly recommend you not skip. The Botanist is a true expression of craft distilling, and this cocktail is a perfect way to experience the complexity of the spirit. If you're looking for a sophisticated and well-balanced gin cocktail, the Rosemary Martini is definitely worth a try.

7. Chamomelia


"Chamomelia" is a delightful cocktail that features the Botanist Gin, a delicate and floral gin that perfectly complements the mild and sweet Yellow Chartreuse liqueur. The cocktail also includes freshly muddled peaches, freshly squeezed lemon, and a Chamomile Syrup that adds a subtle floral note to the mix.

The combination of flavors is refreshing, balanced, and perfect for any occasion. Whether you're a gin lover or a fan of Chartreuse, this cocktail is a must-try. So, if you're looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy your Botanist Gin, give "Chamomelia" a try and discover a new favorite cocktail.

8. Grace Kelly Cocktail

Grace Kelly Cocktail

The Grace Kelly Cocktail is a must-try for any gin lover looking for a unique and flavorful experience. This cocktail features Freeland Geneva Gin, which showcases Oregon grown rye and a variety of botanicals, providing a grain-forward taste with a botanical lift.

The addition of Crude Bitters' Bitterless Marriage adds a tart and fruitful base, infused with floral aromas and a depth of oak. The cocktail is finished with a pop of color and complexity from freeze-dried blackberry powder. This cocktail is perfect for a weekend full of love, whether you're spending it with your significant other or friends. Trust us, this cocktail is worth trying!

9. Charred Lemon, Rosemary and Coriander Gin & Tonic

Charred Lemon, Rosemary And Coriander Gin & Tonic

The Charred Lemon, Rosemary and Coriander Gin & Tonic is a unique and flavorful cocktail that is sure to impress gin lovers. The combination of charred lemon, fresh rosemary, and coriander seeds perfectly balance the botanical flavors of the gin.

The choice of tonic water is up to the individual, and the recipe can be made with any brand of gin. The addition of charred lemon adds a sweet and sour flavor to the drink, making it a perfect start to any occasion. The cocktail is a great option for those looking to try something new and exciting.

10. The Harcourt's 'Berry Pine'

The Harcourt's 'Berry Pine'

The Harcourt's 'Berry Pine' is a refreshing and unique gin-based cocktail that is perfect for the summer months. The drink is inspired by the fresh pine forests of Sweden and features The Botanist gin, Zirbenz Stone pine liqueur, mint leaves, lingonberries, lime, elderflower cordial, and Fever Tree tonic.

The combination of these ingredients creates a lush and wild Swedish G&T that is sure to impress. The cocktail is garnished with rosemary and the rest of the lingonberries, adding a touch of earthiness to the drink. If you're looking for a cocktail that is both delicious and unique, The Harcourt's 'Berry Pine' is definitely worth a try.

11. French 77 Cocktail

French 77 Cocktail

If you're looking for a floral and festive cocktail that's perfect for any celebration, the French 77 Cocktail is a must-try. This four-ingredient cocktail is a variation of the classic French 75, but with the addition of elderflower liqueur, it's more floral and smooth.

The Botanist gin adds a botanical flavor that perfectly balances the sweetness of the elderflower liqueur. Top it off with some sparkling wine or champagne for a bubbly finish. This cocktail is perfect for brunch, New Year's Eve, or any other special occasion. Trust us, your guests will love it!

12. Gibson Martini

Gibson Martini

The Gibson Martini is a classic variation of the Martini cocktail that features gin and dry vermouth, garnished with a cocktail onion. The pickled onion adds a savory flavor to the drink, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a more umami taste. The history behind the Gibson Martini is fascinating, with multiple stories about its origin and the reason for the onion garnish.

The ratio of gin to vermouth is a hotly debated topic among cocktail enthusiasts, but the longer pour of vermouth in the Gibson Martini adds an extra punch of flavor. If you're a Martini fan, the Gibson Martini is a must-try cocktail that will leave you wanting more.